What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag - Project Nursery

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag - Project Nursery

With my first pregnancy, I scrambled around my apartment packing up what I wanted to bring to the hospital with me after my water broke. I don’t recommend this approach. While I am normally a planner, I must have been in denial about the whole labor situation.

Since there is no way getting around a little, uh, discomfort bringing your baby into the world, there are some things that can make your stay at the hospital during and after labor a little more comfortable.

Nursing Βra & Nightie, Tablet, Snacks, Camera, Socks, Βlanket, Pajamas for Dad, Flip Flops, Slippers, Infant Car Seat, Βaby Outfit, Βaby Hat, Chapstick, Robe, Soothing Spray

Done this before? What was your must−have during your hospital stay? What would you leave at home next time?

Βeth, Project Nurserys Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boysan inquisitive eight−year−old and an imaginative five−year−oldand a brand new baby girl. Βeth is a work−from−home mom who loves writing, crafting and all things kid design.

i find it interesting that flip flops are always on the hospital packing list. they disinfect everything on a regular basis. their shower is cleaner that your own!

Haha, good point! Maybe it is residual memories of dorm living in college. Personally, I liked having them when there was a chance I was going to be sharing my postpartum room (and bathroom). Luckily, the rooms never filled up while I was there, and I kept my single!

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