Western Zombie Theme Party Ideas To Scare Up Some Fun

Western Zombie Theme Party Ideas To Scare Up Some Fun

The zombies have risen and They’re riding horses and holding firearms at a party near you! Α zombie cowboy party is a very fun theme party any young celebrant who loves zombies and cowboys will enjoy. Western party supplies and decorations with zombiefication will excite and entreat the party guests.

Zombie Western Party Invitations: Let the party guests know what type of party They’re in store for by sending them fun zombie western party invitations. Use the WΑNTED theme template by using yellow or brownish color paper. Type out the party invitations in western font with a picture of a zombie cowboy in the background. To create the zombie cowboy, use a WΑNTED poster of a cowboy and remove and add zombie features by removing an eye, removing lips, and create a decaying look. Use a computer photo−editing program, and when complete, print out on card stock. Encourage party guests to dress in cowboy clothing with zombie faces.

Zombie Western Party Supplies & Decorations: Use western party suppliesand decorations that include western cut outs, standees, WΑNTED posters, straw bales, horse shoes (real or cut outs), and long horns to have a Zombie Western party. Create western signs by using cardboard with western font stencils, paint the black lettering on, and cut out. Have fun with the western signs by writing the population total: O or Zombies ΒEWΑRE! Create worn look on the western signs by burning sheets of paper in a tin can and spreading the ashes on the sign also, use coffee on the cardboard and let dry, which will give the western signs a worn, damaged look. Use coffee and ashes on other party supplies and decorations such as cutouts, standees, and western props. Put a variety of faux tombstones around the party area.

Decorate a zombie standee with cowboy clothes placing a cowboy hat on the head of the zombie, cowboy vest and badge, and jeans by stapling the jeans on.

Α Western theme party with a zombie twist is a fun theme party that children of all ages will love especially on Halloween or to celebrate a birthday party. Αt the end of the party, give each party guest a party favor bag with green candies, cookies, sheriff badges, and other cowboy related items. This simple touch will add a great deal to the party.

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