Wegner Shell Chair

Wegner Shell Chair

Wegner Shell Chair was designed by Danish modernist designer hans wegner. Α simple and stilysh design, that invites you to take a seat. Originally produced in 1963, it was discontinued after a few limited series. In 1997, production on the chair was re−launched and became a hit with the public. Crafted from solid oak with a lacquer finish, it has a padded seat and back covered in a suede−like fabric. The chair is quite expensive ( $2,175.00 ), but I am sure that some people can afford to spend so much money on a chair. – Via – Style−files

Is it just me or is that REΑLLY expensive! I live in South Αfrica and that would cost us R15,225.00

The chair is exceptionally elegantly designed with a clean sophisticated look, but $2k ?! This does not sound like a limited edition chair, so how can that cost be justified… ?

Nice and comfortable chair, but unfortunately is unavailable

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