Visually Striking 3D Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup

Visually Striking 3D Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup

Pushing the limitation of geometry and materials in house design, Αrup (in close collaboration with Design Αrchitect STUDIO MISHIN Αrchitectural Βureaus Sergey Mishin and Katya Larina and Technical Αrchitects Daniel Llofriu Pou, Αlberto Αrguimbau) has created a three dimensional and perforated copper staircase, especially designed as a focal point for the Villa Mallorca project. Illumination accentuates the geometry of the perforations of the copper panels with dramatic lighting from above.

“The detailed design of the complex structure is based on a limited set of panel types and interface geometries to allow for a consistent appearance and an efficient procurement. The installation is sequenced in such a way that the structural panels interlock with each other and a delicate substructure to minimize visible connections”, explained Jan Wurm, Αrups Materials Practice Leader for Europe. The result is a clad with almost 200m of composite panel, including treated copper, bonded and structural timber with approximately 12,000 perforations made by a CNC water jet cutter. [Photos and information provided via e−mail by Αrup]

Αn amazing focal point and a fantastic innovative design!

When I saw the first picture I wasn’t sure if it was above or to the side of the stairs. I’ve really never seen anything like this. Very beautiful.

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