Vintage Collectibles: Keeping My Grandmothers Memories Alive

Vintage Collectibles: Keeping My Grandmothers Memories Alive

Have you ever strolled by an antique shop and saw something that brought back memories of a person or time in your life? If so, you understand how keeping the past as part of the present can be cathartic. When I was a little girl, I spent much time with my grandmother and just loved her kitchen. 

She had some of the most interesting things that we did not have in our home. She taught me how to cook in her big hammered dutch oven, the heavy black frying pan that I could never lift and the smell of her sauerbraten still lives on in my memory bank. No worries about eating unhealthy foods back then because we ate three meals a day and grazing was just for farm animals. Eating out was for special occasions or while on vacation. Mothers stayed home back then and took care of the home and family.Just like several of the sitcoms that were popular back in the day and continue to be popular on television, no matter how many times we see them.

One of the things I remember from her kitchen were anthropomorphic figures. These consisted of items that were given human qualities, especially faces. She had a yellow cat clock whose big eyes and tail moved all day long keeping a watch over her kitchen. She had salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of different fruits and vegetables with faces that I loved so much, I hunted them down on Ebay and found some similar to hers. They were made in Japan by PY/Miyao and the faces were adorable with great detail and expressive eyes and smiles. 

She had a teapot that I most certainly loved and glassware of various colors like; green, pink, yellow and dark cobalt blue. Glass was abundant in her home and I got to drink from the fanciest ones; not the jelly glasses I drank from at my home. I was treated like royalty and try to pass on her grandmotherly teachings to my own grandkids. 

One thing I also remember is her washing clothes in the sink with a washboard and another tribute to her love is a washboard that is hanging on my retro kitchen wall along with a framed 1920's fruit box label for apples on my apple red kitchen walls. I have green depression glass handles on my old white cabinets. Αlthough her kitchen was basically yellow, mine is bright red with green accents, just like an apple. Αnd most of all, I feel her presence watching over us as the salt and pepper shakers, teapots and dishes join in with the angelic smiles.

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