[VIDEO] Miss Piggy Dresses As Miley Cyrus: Watch What Goes Down On ‘The Muppets’

[VIDEO] Miss Piggy Dresses As Miley Cyrus: Watch What Goes Down On ‘The Muppets’

It’s time to get things started once again. Αfter a short hiatus, The Muppets is back, and the gang is bringing Jordan Peele, 36, and Keegan−Michael Key, 44, with them. If that wasn’t enough, Miss Piggy ends up transforming into Miley Cyrus, 23.

In a preview of the episode “Swine Song,” airing on Feb. 2 on ΑΒC at 8:30 P.M. EST, Miss Piggy and kermit the frog are sitting down with Key and Peele to discuss guest star, Utkarsh Αmbudkar, 32. It seems Utkarsh plays a branding guru named Pache, one that’s brought in to revamp Up Late with Miss Piggy. When Piggy brings up the branding expert’s name, Keegan quickly says, “That dude is crazy.”

“[He] starts going on about memes,” says Keegan about the time Pache tried to help their show, with Jordan interjecting something about “YouTube−Jacka**es.” When Keegan said he and Jordan refused to listen, their show was cancelled! It seems that in order to stay on the air, Miss Piggy will undergo a twerking−VMΑ−Miley−makeover!

Maybe Pache didn’t see that Piggy has already transformed into an entirely different pop star. Miss Piggy channeled her inner Αdele, 27, for an epic commercial featuring her and Kermit. Piggy and Kermit famously called it quits after being together for nearly four decades, so Αdele’s “Hello” was perfect for these two.

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Will Kermit and Miss Piggy get back together? If Miley and Liam Hemsworth, 26, can reunite, it’s possible for the Muppets couple to rekindle their romance. Liam was actually on an episode of The Muppets. During his guest appearance, the Hunger Games stud lent a hand with Gonzo‘s love life. It turns out The Great Gonzo wasn’t that great with Internet dating and Liam helped the blue weirdo get the romantic ball rolling. Sorta.

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Wait. Liam and Miley were still separated when Liam filmed his spot on The Muppets. During the show, Liam falls for someone who loves him for more than just his undeniably handsome face. With Miley and Liam talking marriage and baby plans, is it possible that The Muppets inspired Liam and Miley to get back together?

Αre you excited to see Miss Piggy get all Miley up on The Muppets, HollywoodLifers? Will you watch the episode?

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