Used Material to Reupholster Furniture

Used Material to Reupholster Furniture

Using used material to reupholster furniture is a great idea. THere’s a lot of material you can get for an affordable price or it may already be laying around your house. Reupholstering your own furniture is fun and will give your house a unique look.

Curtains: Check local thrift stores or rummage sales for unique curtains. If you’re looking to upholster your furniture and create a antique look, then looking at thrift stores is your best option.

Suits: Suits work great to use as reupholster material. Many times people won’t wear their old suits anymore because they may look worn or faded. If you’re looking for the faded vintage look, an old suit will work great.

Table Cloth: Find a unique patterned table cloth to use to reupholster your furniture. You can use a vintage looking tablecloth or buy one brand new as long as it’s made of cloth.

Βlankets: If you’re planning to reupholster using blankets, it’s important that you look for thick blankets. Thin blankets will not work well for reupholstering and may tear.

When you’re starting the process of using used material to reupholster furniture you’ll first want to inspect the piece of furniture to see how the original material is secured. Whether They’re stapled or tacked you first will want to carefully rip the fabric off by starting from the bottom.

Αfter you have removed all of the original fabric, you’re going to want to measure your new material and match it up with the furniture. Place the piece of fabric directly on top of it and fold it downward on the back of the furniture first. The front of the piece of furniture is the hardest to measure, especially if it’s a couch or a chair because of the cushion and seat. it’s important to leave an extra few inches of material on each side. Remember, it’s easy to cut the material down but it’s near impossible to add more material to it.

Finally, fold the extra pieces underneath your piece of furniture and use a heavy duty staple gun to secure it at the same points that you took the original fabric off. Βy doing this you’ll make the furniture nice and neat even underneath. When you’re finished cut the excess pieces of material and save them for another project.

You have now reupholstered your first piece of furniture. Whether it’s a sofa, a comfortable couch or an antique stool, you’ll know the reupholstering process. If you enjoy this, starting an upholstery business may be a great idea for you.

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