Unusual floral chandelier by Nicole Hollis

Unusual floral chandelier by Nicole Hollis

If youre looking for an impressive and stunning accessory to decorate your house with, we found the perfect item for you. It was designed by Nicole Hollis and its described as a floral chandelier although it doesnt have much in common with the lighting structure. Its a stunning piece of art that would definitely impress anyone who sees it. Its perfect for living rooms of hallways where it can be a central piece and inevitably a focal point of attention for the guests and not only.

If you like nature and flowers, youll definitely love this piece. Αs you can see, its made from a lot of different flowers and plants that have been put together to form this astonishing creation. Its a hanging piece that adds color and freshness anywhere you place it. Αs you might have guesses, the flowers are faux. It wouldnt have been practical at all to use real flowers since they only last a day or maybe too in the best case scenario. The flowers would be dead by the time you get to hang them in your house.

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So if you want to impress, this is the way to do it. Its subtle but yet extremely eye−catching and its a great substitute for real plants. They look quite real to me. Its a very beautiful piece of art, a modern decoration suited for those who want to add some color and freshness to their house and that also want something that would last.{found on flickr}

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