Unique Spanish Apartment Design

Unique Spanish Apartment Design

Spanish style house decorating is a great way to get a rustic but colorful look in your house. This style, popular in the south, is really suitable for any area and can add a unique touch to any house.This apartment in Madrid features modern furniture and white backgrounds.The style adopted is very interesting with vibrant colors and textures used in it.

This apartment has a very large living space, so it’s like a challenge for every interior designer.that’s why the designer decided to take advantage of it and use a lot of unusual but great decorations that finally gave the present look of the apartment.

The first impression is that this apartment looks strange. it’s meant to be different at any cost, even if it can shock you. Βut you cannot ignore it, as you’ll either love it or hate it. Let’s take for example the most striking example: the two black nooses hanging on the sides of the double bed ! There aren’t many people who would sleep with such a decor above their heads.

Βut this is exactly the charm of this interior design: modern decorations like those unusual paintings showing two faces covered by hair, the statue of Mao Tze Dun, the futuristic design of the lamps, the carpet with a stamp pattern on and all those items that are part of the whole interior design.{found on digsdigs}

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