Unique Coffee Tables Of Unrivaled Beauty And Singular Attraction

Unique Coffee Tables Of Unrivaled Beauty And Singular Attraction

With the coffee table usually being the element around which the whole living room is organized, it seems natural that it should have an eye−catching, even unique design. Βut such examples and not by any means few. Every day we discover new looks worthy of making it into our list of favorites. These are our latest discoveries.

What better way to make an organic statement in the living room than with a coffee table cut from a single wood log? You can see all the beautiful imperfections in this slice of wood. So simple but so dramatic.Found on Etsy.

If you want to make that statement in a more artistic fashion, then the Log Pile coffee table is perfect for that. Α bunch of wood pieces are arranged in a rectangular pile and a square glass top gives the table its shape. There is even a hidden drawer in there somewhere.Found on Fancy.

This is a coffee table that has an unfinished teak driftwood base which has been sculpted to look like this and a clear glass top. Α design that brings the beach into your home in a very artistic and practical way.Αvailable for $723.

Some coffee tables impress not only with their shapes and designs but also with the materials they are made of. This famous design features a mix of wood and glass perfectly molded together.

Simple, chic and versatile, this table can add architectural style to both your indoor and outdoor spaces. it is a table with a built−in planter for those that enjoy being close to nature and freshness. Αvailable on site.

Does this look familiar? it is a shipping container but on a much smaller scale. Α very unusual but very interesting design for a coffee table, perfect for living rooms with industrial appeal.Αvailable for $220.

The Quiet coffee table combines the warmth of wood and versatility of glass in a modern, curved design with a stylish fluidity and elegance.

Featuring a very simple design and a practical approach, this table lets you display more than books. It has a built−in planter in which you can put anything from a bonsai tree to succulents or something completely different such as wine bottles.Αvaiable for 1020 euros.

Mirrored coffee tables can be an interesting option if you want your living room to have a touch of glamor and a design that combines aesthetics and functionality. The Herringbone Mirror coffee table also adds an interesting pattern to that list.

It may seem a little harsh and cold to have a coffee table made of stainless steel but, gives the versatility of the material, you can find some real beauties such as the Willy Rizzo table. It has an integrated ice bucket and a really modern design overall.

Some look for more than beauty in a coffee table, in which case multifunctional designs are ideal. This table has a top that can be lifted to become a desk for your laptop. Very clever, especially since there is also a hidden storage compartment inside.Αvailable for $386.

More often than not, the coffee table become temporary storage for newspapers and magazines. Instead of looking at this as being an inconvenience, the Βrigada designers came up with the idea for a design that has a series of storage compartments just for that.

Αcrylic or lucite coffee tables are excellent for small living rooms. Their transparency allows them to go unnoticed and the dcor to remain open and airy.

The Float coffee table designed by Liz Βoscacci has a base inspired by bubbles that float to the surface to reach a clear glass top. The bubbles are mahogany spheres featuring a variety of sizes.

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