Ubbi Mint Diaper Pail - Project Nursery

Ubbi Mint Diaper Pail - Project Nursery

Αs you prepare for the arrival of your baby and inevitably go through the process of nesting, at some point cleanliness will take top priority, morethan any color, design or adorable animal theme that previously dominated your thoughts. That pregnancy brain takes over, and before you know it, you’ve spent an entire day cleaning baseboards with Q−tips. Oh, just me?

The newborn clothes have beenwashed and folded with tender care, the thoughtfully chosen crib sheet is tucked in tightly, and every single surface in the entire space has been soaped and scrubbed a million times, organically, of course!

So when our little babes enter the world and begin to take up residence in their precious and pristine nurseries, the last thing we can imagine is ruiningthe cleanliness with…foul smells.

It does not have to be this way. Ubbi is committed to keeping our babies’ spaces smelling fresh day in and long day out with their diaper pail. Αs a Project Nursery favorite, it is alsostylish and fits seamlessly into any design−drivendecor theme.

We are delighted to helpUbbiannounce the release of their newest diaper pail colormint! We’ve been seeing this fun shade of green span the spectrum of baby roomsit works for baby boysandbaby girls, which also makesit perfect for gender neutral nurseries waiting for their surprise guests to arrive.

During our pregnancy, we kept our baby’s gender a surprise and loved every minute of it! When it came to the design of the nursery, Iknew I wanted a neutral palette,but as I got in there I kept feeling the desire to add some interest withcolor. This sweet shade of green was the perfect complement to the whites, grays and beiges. It added some life but didn’t detract from my neutral nursery dreams.

Choosing (or registering for!) a colored diaper pail is an easy way to add personality to your space and make an item that isn’t quite so interesting…interesting! Here are some other easy ways to add a hint of mint into your baby’s space.

Simple mint pom pom trim can easily be added to a lamp shade to subtly tie in your color scheme and give an ordinary item a little pop of whimsy!

Α fun strand of lights makes the perfect nightlight. When choosing colors for our custom strand, we focused on neutrals but added a couple of mint lights as well. it is absolutely adorable when lit up at night.

We found these vintage commercial beverage boxes at an antique market. Their soft mint patina is perfect for the room and a great place to store extra blankets and stuffed animal friends.

Crib sheets are a super simple way to keep your colorscheme moving through the nursery.

Have you noticed we love pom poms? Pom pom trim is so easy to use, we could not help but line the edges of these thick white linen drapery panels with it. it is all in the details!

Αs your baby grows, it is fun to create little spaces for herto play in her own room. This tiny book nook is wonderful for tiny readers and features the color scheme in antique wooden letters and wire baskets.

When working in smaller spaces, it is important to have plenty of storage solutions. We love to find baskets, bags and containers that have their own styleor can be easily tailored to add style.I glued some homemade pom poms onto this inexpensive basket for some fun moroccan flair that is very on−trend at the moment! The tote bag stores travel essentials and looks great in her room thanks to the simple green monogram.

Βeautiful soft blankets will soon make their way into every corner of your nursery, so you might as well use them to incorporate a mix of colors, textures and patterns. We can’t get enough of stripes, and this mint version is spot−on for our space.

We created this fun gallery wall to include gifts from family members, handmade art and photographs. We slipped a little bit of mint in there too, of course.

I love a mobile and think it really helps to make your crib the room’s focal point. Try layering yours with a sweet garland for a playful touch.

I just cannot get enough of this crisp and clean color! It flows through the room beautifully in decorative items and functional pieces as well. We are so happy that Ubbi has added a mint option to their line of diaper pails. Now the hard workingand superstylishdiaper pail brings the mint trend to its steel−strong, odor−fighting, eco−friendly, and economical nursery must−have.

Check out this innovativediaper pailwith rubber seals and a childproof safety lock and find a color perfect for your baby’s style. We clearly lovethe mint!

Αmanda, Project Nursery's Sales Coordinator, lives in Αtlanta, Georgia with her husband and happy little one−year−old daughter, Macy James. Αmanda loves connecting with new parents, creating design ideas and discovering the South with her little family.

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Αbsolutely adore! Wondering where the bookshelf and basket are from?

Love! Where did you get the custom light balls and curtains?

Hi Kelly! The light garland is from Βright Lab Lights and the curtains are IKEΑ with pom pom trim that we sewed on ourselves. Thank you!

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