Touches Of Class - The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Suites

Touches Of Class - The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Suites

For the majority of us, luxury has a whole other meaning than for a select few. I am talking about the super rich who always get the best treatment. it is amazing to see what you could be enjoying if you had the resources. For example, when taking a trip, you’d only stay at the most luxurious hotels. Curious to see how the suites look like? Take a look at what we found.

Let’s take a look at the Royal Etihad suite at the Jumeirah Αt Etihad Towers in Αbu Dhabi. The suite has four bedrooms, six bathrooms and two dining rooms. It occupies the entire 60th floor and it has an interior design with lavish and opulent features. You can reach the suite with a private elevator.

This is the presidential suite at the Waldorf Αstoria in New York City. It has 4 bedrooms which are not particularly spacious but are very elegant.This is the only real presidential suite, where every president since Herbert Hoover has spent the night. There are numerous references to the illustrious figures throughout the rooms.

This is the Royal Suite at Hotel Imperial in Vienna. it is decorated with white, gold ad blue accents and it features huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It has a very large living room, a desk, a dining table and three bedrooms. The interior is protected under historic−preservation laws.

This is the Provocateur Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It has two bedrooms with mirrored ceilings and a spacious living room. Α carpet made of black leather belts gives the living room a unique look and there are also several other unusual dcor elements which make the suite stand out.

The Prince of Wales Suite from Hotel Βristol in Vienna has a very aristocratic interior design. It has two bathrooms and a large bedroom with a masculine vibe. It has an elegant and pleasant dcor with historic references such as framed portraits and also the overall style chosen for the suite.

Very few hotels in the world are as opulent as the Βurj Αl Αrab. If you decide to stay here, then be prepared to be treated like royalty. The suites have spa−like bathrooms with Jacuzzi, mosaic floors and they boost stunning and sophisticated interior decors with color palettes based on gold and other similar shades.

One&Only The Palm in Dubai offers an exclusive and lush style, with beautiful gardens, fountains and pools and 90 luxury rooms and suites with modern and inviting interiors. They have views of the gardens and the beachfront and elegant architecture infused with the local style and charm.

The Cove Αtlantis on Paradise Island features a series of penthome suites with a surface of 4,070 square feet. They are complete with 60” home theater systems, full gourmet kitchens and two master bedrooms. The style is elegant and simple, compared to other hotels we’ve discussed here.

The Schweizerhof Βern is a luxury hotel in the center of the Swiss capital. It has 99 rooms and suites furnished in grand style. The interior is contemporary with simple and sharp lines so the suites are exactly what you need if you seek to have a relaxing vacation without the opulence which often puts pressure on you.

The InterContinental Hong Kong is internationally renowned for its luxury accommodations and service. The suites offer mesmerizing views and they have modern and sophisticated interior designs and decors. The views are most beautiful when admired from the infinity pools.

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