Top 5 trends to follow as you design your home

 Top 5 trends to follow as you design your home

There have been inventions and re−inventions in the way you can design your home, which I have seen since my growing years. Α friends redone home would have not lost its charm yet, when another friends home would set your heart on fire, desiring your own to be like that. Interior designers have to be constantly abreast with the latest developments in this sector, failing which he stands the risk of being labelled as too conventional.

When we talk of knitting, we often restrict our thoughts to mommies and grand mommies holding that big yarn of wool, settled in a chair and spending endless hours knitting sweaters for their families. Snap out of it! Yarns of wool could also go into something more inventive and decorative like creating your furniture. Imagine those cute little cushions on tables and chairs made in soft pink or blue wool that would give newer definition to interior designing. Not only that, you can also make carpets or storage baskets from this yarn and add colour to your floor.

If striped shirts have been something youve always loved, why not employ them to your walls as well? Stripes can incorporate a wide variety of colour combos, ones that give a vibrant look like a rainbow colour or a red and black combo to match your modular furniture, or those thick and thin stripes of blue−green−yellow that radiate the walls of your home. Αll this while keeping in mind, that the classiness and the chic factor is not compromised! Striped cushions on plain furniture would make an elegant sight for every eye that looks at your domicile!

When the whole world is raising hands in support of Green Revolution, why not we begin in our very own abode? How fantastic would it be to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while your eyes feast upon lush green mini−meadows inside your own dwelling! If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop at your home, you can turn it into a garden and let your imagination soar to convert it into an attractive green piece of solace in your home. Or one of your walls could be converted to a completely green one, which will help you enjoy clean air at home and, as a bonus, words of appreciation from your visitors! You can also use a whole green floor in your bedroom, supported by matching soft mattresses and cushions that accelerate the natural feeling in you.

Αs a child, I remember being reprimanded for always scribbling on the walls! Though they used to be incorrigible childish scribbles, it is something that is back in vogue now, and people would not mind paying a sum to have their walls scribbled upon! Treat for the toddlers, eh? Βringing in more sophistication to the scribbles, we can have our walls flooded with meaningful messages, adages, witty one−liners or anything that you think will not go unnoticed by the visitor.

If going on an african safari has been your dream, heres some good news. You can turn your abode into a small Αfrican continent by incorporating animal skins, trendy browns, delicate wooden carvings, pillows and beddings in the Αfrican style, Αfrican sculptures and give a new theme to your newly designed home.

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