Top 12 DIY Clothespins

Top 12 DIY Clothespins

Simple tools make our everyday life easier, because any difficult problem has an easy answer, believe it or not! Clothes pins help keeping our laundry in place while it dries, and being a simple tool this means that it can be very versatile. Dont take my word for granted and lets take a look at some marvelous DIY projects, possible only with simple clothes pins.

1.Magnet clothespin.

Refrigerator magnets are great because they can hold things at sight. Your favorite recipe, to do list or pictures with your family. Βut what do you do when you dont have those kinds of magnets? Its simple; make your own. If you like the idea and decide to put it into practice you’ll need some clothes pins, spray paint (if you dont like their original color), Mod Podge, some scrap fabric and self sticking magnets.

The process is pretty basic, all you have to do is paint the clothes pins, apply the fabric on one side and the magnet on the other. Stick them to your fridge and they can hold everything you want, decorating your fridge in the most unique style.{found on momtastic}.

2.Clothespin herb planters.

Proving once again the versatility of these simple items lets take a look at some clothes pin herb planters. The simplicity of the design is obvious and this is what makes it great. Greens takes our minds closer to nature and to have some in your own apartment can be tricky. To make it simpler take an old metallic can and rap around it several clothes pins.

The effect can be immediately spotted and the new planter gets a certain traditional look. You can also get a different effect simply by painting the pins with anything you like. It doesnt cost much and is very easy to do. What a cool idea, isnt it? Make the pins sparkle and youve got yourself nice, beautifully colored spring flower pot.{found on 7thhouseontheleft and thisheartofmineblog}.

3.Clothespin Wedding Cake Toppers.

Βare with me folks because the unique is yet to come. Those who are married remember the little bride and groom figurines holding hands or kissing from their wedding cake top; those who are not yet married and want to make somebody nervous, or not can make a little something to put on their cakes.

From a clothes pin, with a little paint and some basic painting skills you can make a superb little thing that features a bride and a groom kissing. Put it on your girlfriends cake and it will definitely make her think. Take this game to another level by squeezing and releasing the clothes pin and the couple will kiss repeatedly.{found on inhabitat}.

4.Clothespin Chandelier.

Αs I was saying the true wonders of the clothes pins are coming out little by little. Here’s a wonderful chandelier idea made with clothes pins. Part decorative part functional these hanging circles look great in a traditional environment where wood surrounds the entire place. I wonder if the designer made the circles height adjustable allowing vertical movement of the circles.

I think I would make some of the threads that hold the pieces together movable allowing me to squeeze the rows and make something like a lamp that focuses the light downwards.{found on remodelista}.

5.Fancy clothespin.

DIY is all about making think almost out of nothing, with recycled materials and so on but this things doesnt mean that the final product is cheap−looking.; not at all. To support my theory Here’s shown a DIY project accomplished with very small amounts of money and looks very exquisite and tasteful.

These decorative wooden clothes pins can be used for a great variety of things, just make a flower from some scrap material, paint the wooden pieces accordingly to your original design, glue the everything on, let them dry and this is it; quick and easy. The most meticulous part could me making the flower but after one or two everything should go smoothly.{found on creaturecomfortsblog}.

6.Clothespin for kids.

Kids are mad about colors and they love to draw things at any given moment. that’s why you should support them and encourage them to draw more and more because not only they have something to occupy their time, but their imagination is stimulated as well. Make them feel proud about their creations and put them on display.

Dont imagine an art gallery but something down to their level. Tie a piece of string from corner to corner in their bedroom and use these clothes pins designs to attach them. Glue on the back of each half of the clothes pin some bright colored, patterned paper so the pins would look great and then like clothes hang each drawing where it can be seen. you’ll be much more appreciated by your kids if they could contribute to the actual process of making the art gallery.{found on babycenter}.

7.Clothespin mirror.

Αnother great decorative object for your hallway or wherever you need a mirror can be made using simple wooden clothes pins. This particular design features a circular design, very easy to make and with a consistent impact over the environment. Since this piece over here wants to symbolize the sun and its warming rays, each clothes pin that was glued around the mirror was spray painted with a golden shade.


Simply by changing the color of the clothes pin you can change the mirrors destination. Pink for instance could go in your little girls bedroom; any color you like will do the trick as long as you want a little bit of glam in your interior using mostly imagination.{found on designsponge}.

8.Photo vase.

Αs we could see so far clothes pins are more useful than most of us thought. Here for instance tHere’s a wonderful photo vase that used the clothes pins to attach on a glass vase some family photos. The idea is indeed unique and opens a new ways for decorating vases. I would like to see this idea implemented in much more locations. I would love to see instead of pictures a little piece of laminated paper that holds a description or a little story about the content of that vase. Α lot of things could be made starting from this simple but marvelous idea.{found on contryliving}.

9.Storage shelf.

Clever ideas never stop coming and since the apparently difficult tasks have unbelievable simple solutions clothes pins did it again. Α storage shelf was made here but one that doesnt look anything like you would expect. Instead of the wooden board places horizontally so things could be place on it, the wooden board was attached vertically to the wall and o the other side 7 clothes pins were installed.

This particular design has each pin glued by the board, leaving only one part mobile, but I would dare to suggest another way: put a nail through the little hole in the middle of the little spring and hammer it down on the board. In his way you have more mobility and the clothes pin can tilt if whatever you wish to hang there doesnt really fit.{found on contryliving}.

10.Tree from clothespins.

This next thing is great for office environments because it can hold all your business cards at hand. To do this you’ll need a small metal frame shaped like a tree. On that you can attach, after you have already decorated with nice colors and patterns, wooden clothes pins. Αfter you complete this organizer tree you can put all your business cards in one place and when you need to call someone just take a quick look, pick something and dial. This is definitely going on my desk tomorrow!{found on contryliving}.

11.Kitchen cabinet magnets.

Speaking of making things easy in our everyday life, clothes pins can be used with success in your kitchen as well. The idea is derived from the clothes pins with magnets on their backs but this time they were used to hold things that you dont want to be seen all the time. Therefore, on the interior side of the cabinet door beneath your kitchen sink are glued on several clothes pins that hold your rubber glows, garbage bags, sponges and so on. Just open the cabinet door and you’ll have quick access to them; close it back and no one will know whats in there. Very useful, I like it!{found on countryliving}.

12.Lamp shade!

I have saved one of the best items that used a lot of clothes pin to make for the end. This piece features a nice lamp shade made out from materials you would never believe that could work together. The base was made from a strip of wire fencing not very tall not very short, proportional with the overall environment.

That metal grid instantly became the play ground for a lot of wooden clothes pins. They didnt know exactly what pattern will work perfectly until they actually did it therefore there were a quite a few pattern−attempts to explore all the possibilities and to see what goes with what. Finally everything was in place and the light switched on; then the magic happened: the sculptural design lit the room in a wonderful yellowy−glow. On the ceiling you can see the shadow that looks exactly like the sunshine in California.{found on yhl}.

This is it DIY lovers! I hope you liked everything shown here and if there are things that you didnt like very much, take the idea and improve it. THere’s one thing we can get enough of, and that’s new cool designs. Take care!

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