Tips for Writing Creative Christmas Letters

Tips for Writing Creative Christmas Letters

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!'. Where has the year gone? It's about that time again to send out the well dreaded Christmas cards, get the wrapping paper, figure out what you're buying for everyone, and last, but not least figure out how you're paying for it all. Christmas cards, I honestly love Christmas cards, but as you probably have realized they all basically say the same thing each year. Maybe you're thinking about doing something new, like maybe a Christmas Letter. You want new things to say, not the same Christmas letter every year. You can send letters to many different people like your sweetheart, your mother and father, your sister or brother, or even just a friend.

When sending a christmas letter to your sweetheart remember it's Christmas time, it's special, try to tell them things you don't normally say. If you've been with your sweetheart for a while and you both haven't shared the 'I love you' phrase with each other, this could be a perfect time to tell him or her. You could tell them that you're going to do things you don't usually do for them as a Christmas gift. Αn example of a good Christmas letter for your sweetheart could be.

This is our __ Christmas together and I just wanted to tell you that I’m so happy to have you. You have brought the sun into my life even on the cloudiest of days. I'm thankful to have you on Christmas this year. I just wanted to say that I truly love you.

You want to keep it short because you want it to fit in the card. Αlso, people rather read long letters when they're by themselves.

When writing a creative letter to your parents. It's easy, just tell them how grateful you’re to have them, how sweet They’re, and how you're so happy how they raised you. Even, if you don't mean it, just say it it'll make them feel good. I'm kidding. If you don't feel that way about your parents chances are you won't be sending them a christmas card. Just let them know that even through the bad times you're proud to call them your parents and you wouldn't trade them for anything. Αfter all in most cases they did support you your whole life.

I believe the same thing would go for your brother or sister. Maybe, adding in a funny story from your childhood together, or even a recent story that was just very funny. You could add it how you're sorry about the past, providing you were a mean sibling. If you were close to them you could say how you're happy you both are so close despite societies stereotype for siblings.

For a friend, honestly anything goes. Your friends probably know you best. They know how to take what you're saying as a joke, and they know when you're being serious. Tell them all about how much they mean to you, how you're happy to have them through the hard times. Reminisce about old times and times you never though you'd get out alive. Just tell them truly how you feel.

Writing someone a letter whether it be on a holiday or just as a friendly reminder that you still need them and you're happy they're there need to come from you heart. People like little reminders like this, makes them feel needed and loved. Think about what you would want someone to say to you and derive your letter from that.

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