The Legend of the Traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees through the Decades

The Legend of the Traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees through the Decades

Kanchipuram silk sarees have a rich history; the traditional attire has evolved a lot with its designs and styles. With the replicas coming into the market, there are ways to decide the purity of this ethnic form.

Kanchipuram sarees come from a village named Kanchipuram in the interiors of Tamil Nadu, India. The traditional Kanchipuram silk sareesdominate the market of South Indian silk and traditional sarees. These sarees mark the culture and richness of every ceremony, wedding and for the celebration of elegance. During the reign of Chola dynasty, the silk trade initiative was taken, and that was the mark of the development of this lasting tradition of gorgeous creations. Kanchipuram silk sarees have transcended the boundaries and are famous all over the world for its finesse, durability and the excellent finish.

Half−white Kanchipuram sarees is an ode to the simplicity and sheer elegance of Indian feminine beauty. This is a hybrid style of Kanchipuram sarees with combined fabrics like silk−net or silk−georgette for instance. Half of the saree is pure white with bare minimal design and embellishments, and the other half has some contrasting and elegant colors with motifs. These sarees are really liked by the modern indian women and have a great online market.

Geometric patterns on Kanchipuram sarees are used to elaborate the traditional designs and motifs. Nowadays, one geometric pattern is selected to be demonstrated all over the Kanchipuram sarees. These patterns can be used in the body of the saree or for the pallu. This kind of sarees serves really well for wedding ceremonies and festivals.

The Kanchipuram sarees hold the honor of traditional Indian wear and has withstood the changes over decades and has adapted a lot with the changing taste of consumers. The elegance and beauty of these sarees are vibrant to this very day.

Αkansha has experimented on the modern adaptation of thetraditional Kanchipuram silk sarees and has vast knowledge in the field of Indian ethnic wear. Currently, They’re looking into the online market of this traditional sarees and the way to retain the historical value of the traditional Indian attires

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