Stylish and Captivating Bamboo Wall Panels by 3DWalldecor

Stylish and Captivating Bamboo Wall Panels by 3DWalldecor

3DWalldecor is a a young design company, developing three dimensional wall decoration. We recently received a few “samples” of their work and liked what we saw. Here’s an excerpt from the press release they sent us: ‘Dimensional bamboo wall panels are a unique wall covering. Modular, easy to apply and paintable. The exciting effects of light and shadows transforms the walls into spatial eye−catchers. The panels are made of environmentally friendly bamboo pulp and are perfectly suitable for decorating walls and ceilings in houses, shops, restaurants, offices and meeting areas. 3D−wall panels are suitable for both small and large surfaces (such as walls and ceilings). The convenient modular designs and simple application make this product suitable for professionals as well as hobbyists. The wall panels feel like solid hardboard and are available in four designs. The 3DWalldecor bamboo wall panels have had an extensive safety testing carried out. The wall panels meet all European standards with regard to; reaction to fire, water absorption, moisture resistance and expansion rate under various conditions.’

3D effects can really add firmness to any interior design, making it stunning and striking to those who happen to view such angle. This effect would surely add more color and character to the room too. Αnd if it’s partnered with beautifully and thoroughly cleaned carpets, for sure, this is going to be the most elegant design one could ever see. Tremendous design should then be very highly regarded.

Like Wallpaper but this 3D, good Idea..

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