Stylish 19th century apartment in Madrid by Raul Martins

Stylish 19th century apartment in Madrid by Raul Martins

This beautiful residence belongs to Raul Martins, an interior designer who decided to make this place feel like house. Sitting in a building from the 19th century in the center of Madrid, this stylish house is a classic−contemporary. The designer had to redecorate the place but while respecting the character of the building. Most of the original elements have been preserved but the apartment also got a modern update.

The apartment originally had a less functional structure. It was compartmentalized into two many small rooms. The designed decided to change the internal structure in order to create larger areas, more airy and spacious. The renovation had to be a little restricted because of all the original elements. The moldings, trims and plasters were preserved throughout the apartment. Αlso, the living room and dining area still have the original marble tiles while the bedroom and the library have ceramic checkers tiles.

The apartment currently has an eclectic interior dcor because of the mix of old and new. In the living theres a lovely sofa designed by the owner himself. Theres also an iron coffee table and beautiful French planters that have been placed all over the room. On top of the fireplace theres a beautiful mirror. There are a lot of vintage and antique items and pieces of furniture that were bought from antique shops and come from all over the world. They create a unique look and also make the transition between old and new.

The dining room features a beautiful black table with a lacquer finish that was also designed by the owner. Α mirror is also present, the same as in the living room. Golden candlesticks create a distinguished but also romantic atmosphere. There are also beautiful painting and sculptures throughout the apartment. Overall, this is a very chic house, elegant and stylish but also inviting.{found on micasarevista}.

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