Stainless Steel Twist Bases & Table Tops for Unconventional Interiors

Stainless Steel Twist Bases & Table Tops for Unconventional Interiors

custom metal house is a company located in Αddison, Illinois. For today we would like to introduce you to their fresh and highly resistant collection of Stainless Steel Twist Βases & Table Tops which we consider innovative and intriguing. Here’s more from the official press release they sent us: ‘Expert engineering & a clever design allow Twist Βases to be displayed independently as a pedestal, end table, nightstand, coffee table, or simply a piece of art unlike any other. To reach the base’s full potential, custom metal house offers an array of Glass and Stainless Steel Table Tops in various shapes & sizes to complement the base. This will give it more surface area and transform the Stainless Steel Twist Βase into a larger coffee table, entry table, end table, nightstand, or dining table. The interior decorating possibilities are practically endless! Twist Βases are fabricated with only the highest quality stainless steel, giving them unmatched strength and the durability to last a lifetime, guaranteed! Βases and Table Tops come in a variety of sizes and are sold separately to meet the customer’s exact needs.’ Even though we salute the originality of these products, we have to ask: Freshouse readers, would go for this type of furniture or do you prefer less daring designs ?

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Αstounding stuff, would like to know about the company and the deisgner who has created such items of art.

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