Sparkling white walls that can make a room shine and stand out

Sparkling white walls that can make a room shine and stand out

When it comes to choosing a color for the walls, white seems like a very obvious, simple and not very creative option. However, its not always about the color but about the way you use it in the overall dcor. Α room with white walls can turn out to be very serene, beautiful, stylish and sophisticated. Here are a few examples that wonderfully support this idea.

Α dining room with white walls feels refreshing as well as elegant. The white walls look particularly beautiful if theyre complemented by large windows. This way the neutral background would be balanced by the views.

In the living rooms, white walls can feel cold and uninviting but only when They’re not counterbalance by at least one other color. In this case, the dcor chosen is very simple and elegant. The white walls match the white ceiling and white furniture but there are a few elements that add contrast. The patterned curtains are a chic focal point.

This is a living room with a very simple but also playful dcor. Most of the room is crisp white and there are only a few colorful pieces. However, they feature very bold and vibrant colors which allow them to stand out. They’re cleverly spread throughout the room.

This minimalist living room has a modern interior, just like the other two presented so far. In this case, however, there are no bold and colorful accents. The only contrasting elements are the black rug under the coffee table and the small decorative details. The arched windows, however, provide an elegant accent detail as well.

White bedrooms always have a crisp and serene look. This one is almost entirely white. The only elements that counterbalance the immensity of white details are the dark wooden floor and the red flowers sitting on the dresser.

This bedroom, however, was designed starting from the timeless black and white combo. On a white background we have a black rug with a soft texture, a black nightstand, a black sink cabinet and a white bookcase with only black items displayed inside. The moldings are very beautiful and so is the tufted headboard.

Α white house office is not a very common option. However, it can turn out to be elegant, fresh as well as casual and formal at the same time. This house office has white walls and furniture complemented by wooden flooring and subtle colorful touches spread throughout the room.

In the kitchen, white is a very pretentious color. Its difficult to maintain everything clean since even the tiniest spot becomes visible. However, it can look amazing as well. Α white kitchen is sparkling and it can be a real pleasure to spend time in there, especially if its also spacious and airy.

In the bathroom, white can be a very suitable color. You want the bathroom to be sparkly and clean and a white dcor can allow you to enjoy that. Βut make sure you dont end up with a boring, cold bathroom so add some color as well. Α colorful bathroom curtain could solve the problem.

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