Small Apartment Gets A Fresh New Look That Suits It Like A Glove

Small Apartment Gets A Fresh New Look That Suits It Like A Glove

Αlthough it measures only 42 square meters, this apartment is far from tiny. In fact, it has a really fresh interior design and a lot of elements that help it look and feel spacious and airy. The apartment was restructured and redecorated by interior design firm Studio Space4life. it is located on the 14th floor of a building in Yuzhno−Sakhalinsk in Russia.

Given the fact that it is a small apartment, the interior designers had to be creative with the interior. The team chose to abandon some of the obvious conventional choice such as having a sofa and a bed. Instead, they opted for two platforms.

One of them is an extension of the window sill, forming a hybrid comprised of a workstation, a sleeping surface and a dresser. This combination manages to put three different functions in a single structure.Chartreuse window curtains offer privacy and shade which are both important given the fact that part of the platform can be used as a guest bed.

Αnother element that helps maximize the space in the living room while keeping the decor as simple as possible is the TV which drops from the ceiling.

The second platform accommodates the main sleeping area. It features deep drawers underneath which are perfect for storing seasonal items, clothes and a variety of other things. The sleeping nook can be hidden behind a separator wall, offering the user privacy and allowing the rest of the room to function as a regular social area.

Light colors were chosen for the walls and the floor. There are, however, two accent walls. One is textured with a whitewashed brick pattern and the other is darker simulating cement. This combination of colors offers the room a spacious feel and gives it depth.

In the living room, the designers focused on maximizing storage space without making it feel cluttered. That was done through a variety of strategies, including the deep drawers under the bed, the dresser drawers in front of the window as well as a few wall−mounted shelves.

Simple materials and forms were used in the renovation. This offers the apartment a holistic look which can also be observed in other areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom. The kitchen is quite spacious, also integrating a dining space.

It has a chalkboard wall, white and gray cabinetry and black and white floor and backsplash tiles that introduce geometric patterns.

The reorganized floor plan allowed the designers to create a full bath, with a tub, a wide sink, a vanity, a washing machine and a very fresh and modern design. The main color scheme is a combination of white and dark gray but there is also a colorful tile mosaic featuring a diversity of patterns on the bathtub wall. In addition, the purple shower curtain adds a sophisticated touch to the dcor.

The simplicity of the design in this case is the result of a very well organized layout. Elements such as the shower niche, the large mirror or the tile mosaic highlight the beauty of the design and the result is a harmonious composition that blends looks and function.

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