Single Family Myra Vale House by Katon Redgen Mathieson

Single Family Myra Vale House by Katon Redgen Mathieson

This splendid modern home can be seen in New Sout Whales, Αustralia. It was designed and built by Katon Redgen Mathieson. The architects worked closely with the clients to make sure their vision came true and that everything was according to their needs and preferences. Αs a result, this beautiful home was built.

The home sits on a 5 acre lot in the NSW Southern Highlands, in an area that allow beautiful views anywhere you look. The home has a compact design and resembles a steel and glass pavilion. Its a modern adaptation of the traditional getaway home. The glass floor−to−ceiling walls and windows have a double function: they let the natural come in and they allow the users to enjoy the exceptional views from inside the home, from any room of the home.

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Βesides the actual home, the lot also includes a contemporary garden with a very small lake, as well as a 15 meter lap pool carefully and strategically placed among the trees. This will definitely offer the user a unique swimming experience. There are also external terraces built using the floors that extend from inside the home, creating a continuous look. The interior dcor of the home is simple, elegant and stylish. The minimalism suits this place very well and the colors used are warm and inviting.

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