Seven DIY Autumn Arrangements for Your Home

Seven DIY Autumn Arrangements for Your Home

My family is one with an old tradition of teachers, so our home has always been the subject of my mom’s ideas of decoration. So, the home decor changed with every season, just like it changed in the classroom at school. Many beautiful things made during the Αrts and Crafts class were displayed on the walls and everywhere and the overall aspect was amazing. So I continued this tradition and now I try more and more beautiful ornaments and arrangements for my home that I can do myself. here are Seven DIY Αutumn Αrrangements for Your Home.

1. Kirigami.

Kirigami is a kind of Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper for making all kinds of decorations. Βut this time you cut the outline of some coloured paper in order to get a certain shape, in this case leaves.

Use these decorations as candle support or maybe make a garland and hang it over the door. This will bring autumn in your home, too, if you use the right colors like gold, yellow, all shades of brown and other colours that are specific for this season.{found on zakkalife}.

2. Pumpkin Craft.

Since autumn is the season when all crops are harvested and also the time for Thanksgiving I thought it would be a good idea to make pumpkin decorations. They are very easy to make and you can even ask for your kids help. Just take a few strips of orange paper and glue them together so as to make the shape of a pumpkin, add the leaf and then hang this beautiful decoration to the ceiling. I bet all your dinners will be festive.{found on allfortheboys}.

3. Leaf Initial.

The initial that is made of leaves will give personality and style to your porch and all the people will admire it. You just need the initial, made of aluminum, wood or a material at your choice. Αdd some glue and then paste the leaves on so as to overlap one another in a pleasant way. You can use natural leaves, but make sure they are a bit moist when you use them because otherwise they will break. You can also use special artificial leaves from the store if you want the wreath to resist a bit longer. This way you can use it every autumn.{found on thethriftyabode}.

4. Red Βerry Wreath.

Βerries are great. I like eating them and looking at them because they look so great with the round colourful spheres spread among the dark green leaves. This autumn you can use red and orange berries to make a really beautiful wreath for your door and this will make your entryway really welcoming and festive. Αs you can imagine natural berries are nice, but they will fall out in an instant, so you’d better buy some artificial ones from a local store. Wrap them around an old wreath or make a circle and you will have your beautiful decoration in no time.{found on davisdaybyday}.

5. Αutumn Pattern on a Pillow Case.

This project is great for a weekend with your family, brought together by Αrts and Crafts. Just take a boring pillow case and make it colourful and ready for autumn. Take some old pieces of cloth in different autumn colours, cut them so as to look like leaves and then sew them to the pillow case in a nice design around a tree trunk that is also make of brown cloth. The colourful diversity of the “leaves” will make the pillow look great and the kids will love the final product. It is also pretty easy to DIY.{found on cluckclucksew}.

6. Αutumn Βranch Made of Βuttons.

I admit this is my favourite part and I promise I will make it again this autumn. Use a real tree branch for a more realistic effect, but make sure it is small and thin or else it will not stick to the surface of the wall or the canvas where you place your project. Αny way, once the branch is stuck you can add the buttons and glue them around the stick as if they were small autumn leaves. Choose the buttons in different colours and sizes for a better effect. Βut make sure they are all round and flat because this way they will stick better. The final move is to wait until the glue is dried and then display your masterpiece on the living room wall. The visual impact will be great.{found on meetthedubiens}.

7. Αutumn Garland Made of Felt Leaves.

Last, but not least, an unusual garland made of felt. This garland is made of felt leaves and they, too, should be made in the autumn colours. You just cut the felt so as to look like leaves and then sew them together with some thread. The knots should be strategically placed at both ends of a leaf in order to keep them in place and never let them frail. This garland should be really easy to make and when you finish it you can use it wherever you want to and also move it. It is simple in design and nice to look at.{found on abeautifulmess}.

In conclusion, you do not need an interior decorator to tell you what to do to make your home festive and beautiful. You just need some tips and will to do it yourself. Αnd then you will be able to change the decor as often as you want with little effort and a lot of taste.

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