Seattle Modular Coffee Table: All AboutTransforming

Seattle Modular Coffee Table: All AboutTransforming

With space becoming a premium in the urban apartment setting, modern furniture is more and more about multi−tasking with each passing day. Αnd since the cool trend is expected to catch on, here is the Seattle Modular Coffee Table – another addition to the smart furniture line. It doubles up both as a stylish coffee table with a sleek design, but also shifts into a dining place with the lid sliding and rising open to create an elegant eating space. Stylish in design and ergonomic in use, it fits seamlessly into every modern home and accentuates the look of the space it adorns. – via

Very functional! that is a great find. What material is it made of?

What would be really great would be a link to the mfr or a distributor so it could be purchased

this would solve so many problems in my livingroom.

this is really a great design table that is so multi−functionable.Αlso, would be useful if it could provide manufacturer or distributorof this table so that order could be placed with them.

Kindly email me any such pertinent info, pls. thank you.

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