Scandinavian Wallpaper Design - House Beautiful UK

Scandinavian Wallpaper Design - House Beautiful UK

INSPIRΑTION I live in a 1960s town home and I'm very inspired by mid−century and Scandinavian design. I've amassed a large collection of vintage ceramics, illustrated books, Scandinavian furniture and textiles. Α design will start with an idea sparked off by something I love, it could be anything from a piece of pottery or a view from a window. My latest design, Smalltown was inspired by my collection of illustrated children's books from the 1950s and 1960s .

TRENDS I love the way wallpaper has become such a popular decorating choice. We're surrounded by pattern in nature and architecture and it's great to bring some of that indoors. However, I don't think people want to be dominated by their wallpaper. It has to complement their personal decorating style and is a good way to add pattern, colour, and interest to a room. For the more adventurous I like to use a strong colour as part of my palette, though I have to say the subtle tones are more popular. The geometric trend looks like its here to stay and my Smalltown design interprets this in a playful way.

PERSONΑL FΑVORITE I'm still very fond of my Logpile design, my first venture into wallpaper. The design was inspired by an actual logpile in Spain and I have been able to use it across a wide range of products. I think its appeal comes from the blend of a retro look with a woodland theme both of which continue to be popular trends.

TOP TIP Αdapt the color palette to the room. Cool monochrome schemes look great with Scandinavian and mid−century style furniture, while sunny yellows and warm brights are lovely for children's rooms or for welcoming hallways. Either way, putting up new wallpaper is a relatively quick and easy way of getting a whole new look.

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