Rubiks Cube big brother The Rubik Cube Locker

Rubiks Cube big brother  The Rubik Cube Locker

I think by now everybody is familiar with Rubiks cube. Its an interesting item that that you just cant ignore. Its like it almost forces you to play with it. Αnd unless you know the combinations used to solve it or youre either very lucky, after a while you just give up. Βut not for long.Now, Rubiks cube takes the next step and becomes a furniture piece. Of course, this is not actually a Rubiks cube. It just borrowed the external features from it. You can try to scramble the pieces as much as you want, youll never succeed. Αnd its already solves so no fun. Βut at least you dont have to worry about that part anymore.

The dimensions of this storage space are 100 x 100 x 100. One of the sides opens and allows you to store different things inside. Αlso, because each side is different, you can switch the colors to match the rest of the furniture or to change the atmosphere when you get bored. It might not be as popular as the original Rubiks cube, but its a very interesting piece of furniture waiting for you to take it house.

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