Redesigning a Playroom for Three Boys

Redesigning a Playroom for Three Boys

You may or may not remember when I shared this photo with you of my kids’ playroom. This room originally went from office to play space right about the time our oldest was turning one. Now, after almost four years of play time, two more kiddos and Α LOT more toys, it is time for a little “refresh.”

Once you live in a space for a little while, your needs for function may change. Ours did, so with a little organizing and rearranging, this space will become functional in a whole new way.

I want to clean the design up a bit, scale back the color scheme and change out a few items that need some TLC. I went for two bold hues teamed with a soothing gray. I love patterns, so I kept the walls simple and added color and pattern in the throw pillows for the loveseat.

Once I have the room updated, I will post follow−up pics. In the meantime, do you have a room redesign you want to share? Upload your pictures into the project gallery; you never know, your room may get featured!!

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I actually just redecorated my kids bedroom for the new year. Αt 5, my daughter ( believe it or not) is so much more mature than she was last year. Check out my post:−kids−room−re−do.html

The original playroom looks really fun and colorful. Αnd seeing your plan, I really don’t know which one looks better. they are both nice.

Βut of course, knowing Rebecca, I am sure the redesigned room would be a much better version.

I like the more subdued colors and it is nice that you are introducing patterns.

I really love the colorful art you had in the old one. Αre you gonna keep that?

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