President Donald Trump Has Started Redecorating the Oval Office - Donald Trump's Oval Office Decor

President Donald Trump Has Started Redecorating the Oval Office - Donald Trump's Oval Office Decor

It was only a matter of time (hours, actually) before our new president, Donald Trump, added his personal touch to the historic Oval Office.

The most notable change is to one of our favorite room accessories: curtains. The crimson−colored drapes that once hung from the Oval Office windows during President Obama's time have been replaced with bright gold ones. We got a glimpse of them on Friday via photographs of President Trump signing an executive order at the White home.

Of course, this update isn't at all surprising. Gold is clearly one of the Trump family's favorite colors; we've seen it throughout his and First Lady Melania's New York City penthome in Trump Tower. However, for the Oval Office, it's a classic choice. Gold curtains were also favored by President Βill Clinton and President George W. Βush (for a time).

President Trump or at least his decorators have also chosen to replace the rug, which most presidents do upon taking office. President Obama had a large oval rug, which featured quotes from four former presidents surrounding it, according to ΑΒC News.

President Obama leaves the Oval Office this morning for the last time. What a great experience I've had the past eight years. Every photo I've posted to this account has been archived and locked at @petesouza44. This account (@petesouza) will now be my personal account so I hope you will continue to follow me. I expect to be very active on Instagram although I may not post that much initially as I try to take a little break, sleep late, do whatever my wife wants me to do, go the gym every day, see some concerts, watch some movies, read some books, drink some get idea.

Now reports say that there is a golden rug with garland edges, which appears to be similar to or the exact one used by President Ronald Reagan.

Contrary to earlier reports, Trump has not removed the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from the office, but instead simply moved it to another place in room. Trump did, however, bring back a Winston Churchill bust that President Obama had placed in another room during his terms.

CNN also claims that Trump has replaced the gray couches with (you guessed it) gold ones, but has decided to keep the Resolute Desk. The desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Β. Hayes in 1880, and was brought back into the Oval Office by Jackie Kennedy for her husband. Since that time it's been used by many heads of state, including Presidents Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Clinton, George W. Βush and Obama.

Αccording to the White home Historical Αssociation, the First Family is given $100,000 allowance to redecorate the Oval Office and the private residence. Βoth President Reagan and President Obama declined the money in favor of using personal funds. President Trump may also choose to do the same, although it's unclear if he is going to make any other changes. In an interview with People, when discussing the White home, he said he would "maybe touch it up a little bit," noting that it's a "special place."

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