Playful IKEA Kids' Table Designs And Ways To Improve Them

Playful IKEA Kids' Table Designs And Ways To Improve Them

There comes a time in every child’s life when having a table becomes a must. In a way it is like having their very own workstation, except they get to have fun while working. it is your job as a parent to make sure you choose the right design for your little angels and there is a whole range of great IKEΑkids’ tables to choose from.

The Svala table is a great starter design for the kids. it is small, compact and simple and, as the kids grow up and need more space for all their supplies, you can attach some storage bins to the side. Those too can be found at IKEΑbut feel free to improvise.{found on childhoodlist}.

If you think the table is not cute and attractive enough on its own, you can try to improve it. For example, get a Latt children’s table from IKEΑand a vintage world map. Trace and cut the map to fit the tabletop exactly and then attach it with Mod Podge. Not only that the table will look very beautiful, but the design will also be educational.{found on feltandhoney}.

Instead of a map, you can use any other design you want. For example, try floral wrapping paper if you think it is a better option. It all depends on the age of the kid, the area where the table is placed but also your own preferences.{found on milkandmascara}.

The same table can be given a different kind of makeover. Instead of focusing on transforming the top, make the legs the focal point of the design. Use painter’s tape to come up with a simple design and then paint portions of the legs or just dip them in paint.{found ongabeandjenni andlittlebabygarvin}.

Kids love drawing with chalk and making doodles so why not give them a table that can also be used as a chalkboard? Once again, it is the IKEΑLatt table we’ll use for the project. The tricky part is making sure you don’t paint on the edges so use painter’s tape. You can also just take apart the table and then put it all back together.{found on paddingtonway}.

Βut until it is safe to use chalk, maybe you should stick with crayons and paper. Αnd there is a way to insorporate those in the IKEΑ Latt table as well. You just have to attach the drawing paper roll to the tabletop. You can also add a dowel rod and some crayon holders to the side.{found on freckleschick}.

This is a really similar project except for the fact that the table and chairs are painted a bold shade of green and have the legs dipped in darker green paint. The pink containers on the side add an interesting contrast to the design.{found on ikeahackers}.

The Lack coffee table from IKEΑ is another piece you can use for such a project. For example, turn it into the kids’ favorite play area. The bottom shelf can be where they store all their Lego pieces and the top can be the playground for car races and building all sorts of new things.{found on centsationalgirl}.

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