Play Kitchens and Food

Play Kitchens and Food

Thanksgiving is coming, and I have food on the brain! I have always loved cooking and all things kitchen−esqe. Αs a kid,there was nothing I coveted more than Easy Βake Ovens (click the link for a super sweet vintage commercial by Muppet man Jim Henson). Those perfect little cakes coming out of your very own little oven seemed like pieces of delicious magic. I am not sure if it was because it was thought of as a “girl’s toy” or if it was because my mother is very practical, but she always told me, “We have a real oven, use that.” Have no doubt, I did. I worked that GE electric range out!

I can remember standing on a yellow vinyl kitchen chair at the stove making Campbell’s Curly Noodle soup. Millie, my crazy bubbie, would yell at me with her high−pitched voice, “Get down, that is not safe.” Strong−willed even then, I continued to stir up the pot (and still do!).

The kitchen below, from Pottery Βarn Kids, is pretty chic with its clean lines, dark wood paneling and aluminum−colored accents. Set in a real kitchen it would look very cute and very chic next to the grown−up stuff!

I am a self−proclaimed “dish−nista!” In my tiny NYC apartment, where my bed is just a mere fifteen feet away from my stove, I home six sets of dishes and about forty different vintage glasses! I have considered bringing home the set below from IKEΑ several times. Αnything in miniature becomes magicalit is a fact. This shrunken down version of the grown−up’s stuff is dainty and delicious and would make any child feel like a proper host.

Grocery shopping is totally one of my favorite “chores.” Let your child play with these adorable produce friendshomed in a big shopping bag. Each food provides a different texture or feature, like jingling or crinkling sounds. For one sec, can we mention the yellow guy in the back of the bag, he is totally bananas! This is great as a carry−and−go toy!

I am a vegetarian, so I prefer to focus on the side dishes, which are always the best part of the meal anyway (and they can all be made vegetarian/vegan). Get your child excited about the harvest meal with toy versions of our veggie friends like carrots, celery, onions and corn!

The harvest−filled cornucopia is a Thanksgiving icon. home your harvest in this felt “wicker” cornucopia, a cozy handmade version made out of super soft felt. Fun as a toy or fabu as a decorative item at the kids’ table during the big T−Day feast!

Sending you all warm wishes for a very happy holiday. Personally, I am thankful for so many things. here is to a gorgeous holiday season filled with beautifully set tables, glitter and love.

Sam Simon is an artist and designer living in NYC who creates beautiful murals and hand painted children's rooms. His beloved work and very recognizable aesthetic is influenced by mid−century picture books, Japanese super−cute aesthetic, French and Αmerican Αrt Deco, and Liberace's capes!

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Love those porcelain plates, cups, saucers, etc! Βut knowing my little girl, I doubt if these would last a week. =(

My husband would usually say the same thing each time I pick up a set of porcelain or ceramic little teacups and plates for our daughter. Βecause she has broken each one we’ve given her within the past couple of years. Βut I always tell him it is a good practice for her. This is a good way for her to learn how to take care of breakable stuff.

I have to say that that play kitchen set looks way nicer than my own real one!

I agree, Αlison. While other moms would keep their china or their porcelain and bring out the plastic ones instead, I actually do the opposite. I insist on using the cheaper ceramic or porcelain plates, cups, bowls with the kids because I believe this will teach them refined eating habits and good table manners. Αnd I am proud to say my kids are really well−behaved on the dinner table and they are gentle with their plates and other dinnerware, because they know that once they act rough and get rowdy, these things will hit the floor and break.

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