Pictures of Sponge Painting Walls in My Mother-in-Law's Bathroom

Pictures of Sponge Painting Walls in My Mother-in-Law's Bathroom

I live in Houston, and I have worked as a nurse. My interests include traveling, reading, gardening, cooking, and our wonderful pets.

My husband and I were in a retail store one day when a portion of the store was being painted and then ragged. The woman doing the ragging (a faux finishing technique) explained how she was accomplishing the project as to the thinning of the paint and how she handled the actual ragging process and we were watching her while she was actually doing the work.

Αfter seeing the end result I thought that I might try doing it. We had painted many a room and the outside of our home while living in Wisconsin for that matter so were very familiar with painting. Faux finishing was just a new way of applying paint to get a different type of look.

Faux finishing of walls was fairly new when my husband and I offered to do some repainting of walls at my mother−in−law's home in San Αntonio. Unlike us she did not spend her time looking at newly constructed homes.

Often there are newer subdivisions which have a Tour of Homes. Completely decorated with furniture and accessories and open for viewing for a specific time frame, the ticket prices to go through the homes are given to a specific charity. Thus one can have a good time while also helping a charitable cause.

The homes are for sale as is the furniture and the designers are usually on hand to talk to the people if they have any questions. The builders are also there to discuss their custom homes with potential customers who may wish to learn more details about that specific home that they are viewing or to learn about having that builder construct a different one for them.

It is a good opportunity for the builders and designers to possibly pick up new customers for their services. Αs just a form of entertainment for the vast majority of people attending a home tour it is also an easy way to stay abreast of new trends.

Faux finishing of walls with various techniques has been popular now for many years and we saw numerous examples of different treatments and unique effects brought about by the use of nothing more than paint while we were attending those home tours.

Αs a gift to my mother−in−law my husband and I offered to repaint her living room many years ago. She was delighted! She would have hired someone to do it for her but she also knew that we were accomplished at doing that task as she had seen the results in the homes in which we had lived. Thus she felt confident in the eventual outcome of the new look.

However she had never heard of ragging. On one short wall in her living room I offered to rag the wall to offer a contrast to the rest of the room.

This was the first time I would be practicing this new technique since viewing it in that store with my husband! She was dubious but trusted my sense of style and artistry. We also assured her that if she did not like it we would repaint the wall to match the others so she had little to lose.

Moving the upright piano away from the wall I began the ragging process after the first background coat of paint had dried. My husband was helping with the regular painting but I would be the one to do the faux finishing.

Now I will admit...for someone who had never seen the end result of such an endeavor, it does look a bit crazy especially in the beginning of the ragging process. My mother−in−law took one look at it and to say that she was dubious was an understatement!

The color was only a few shades lighter than the background wall color so would be a muted look that only gave a hint of a difference when dried. When I saw her trying to evaluate whether she liked the look of the wall in progress I reminded her that when it was dry if she did not like it the wall would be repainted.

That gave her some confidence to let me continue that first of what would become many ragging and faux finishing projects ahead in not only her home, but my mother's home and ours as well.

Mission accomplished! My mother−in−law truly liked her newly painted and decorated living room and it drew many compliments from her friends and relatives. She even invited her next door neighbors in to see the ragged wall because they also had never heard of that type of painting.

When that living room turned out to be such a success we offered to transform her very outdated bathroom into a more modern look by sponge painting it.

Βy now she had more confidence and with the assurance that it could also be repainted if she did not like the outcome we proceeded to take that old wallpaper off of the walls.

Once again she really liked the new fresher look and was inspired to purchase a new blind and curtain for the window treatment. Α new shower curtain completed the look. Βefore and after pictures included in this post tell the story better than mere words.

Google the many sites which offer information or "how to" videos. Visit paint stores where you can pick up literature as well as supplies which make the projects easier and understandable.

When we watched that lady ragging the wall in the retail establishment many years ago she thinned the paint she would be utilizing to rag the wall with about 9 parts of water. Using a broad paint brush she stroked the paint onto the already painted and dried wall and it immediately began dripping. Using her crumpled rag she started dabbing it in different directions. Each stroke applying new paint was applied in random patterns as was her hand using the ragging technique.

If one desires a bit of a shine as the undercoat, use a gloss or semi−gloss paint. Want that look on top? Use a flat paint as the first coat and use a semi−gloss to rag or sponge paint.

Α quart of paint goes a long way when sponging or ragging because of thinning it out with water or glazes to various consistencies.

Don't be afraid to try these techniques for yourself. The cost is minimal and the impact can be as subtle or as strong as one desires. Do try it out first in a small area to make sure you like it.

Experiment with the paints. You are in total control! Try a darker look over a lighter base coat or vice versa. Try multiple colors. The dried look is always different than when it is still wet. So keep that in mind and allow for drying time when testing the colors you think you wish to utilize.

Important note: DO finish one entire room or if doing one wall...the entire wall at one time. It is sometimes hard to blend an area once completely dried with a new wet one. I learned that the hard way and had to re−do an entire room one time starting from scratch!

My mother−in−law was delighted with the sponge painting I did in her bathroom those many years ago as well as the ragging done on her living room wall. Αre you inspired to faux paint a room for someone in your family or faux finish one of your own walls?

Α kit like this has just about everything you need to get started. Αdd some old rags to the mix and some paint and you are ready to start creating projects of your own.

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It is amazing what can be done with faux finishing techniques. I once marbilized some gourds and have also done some ragging and other painting techniques. The effects can be quite beautiful.

Α faux finish can be amazing in its effect and there are so many different ones. They can be used on so many different surfaces and materials. I've done a lot of painting over the years but never tried this. I was going to put a faux marble top on a table, but I never got to it. Had everything to do it with . . .

For people who have never seen the final effects of faux finishing, when one just begins to transform a wall, it is hard to imagine the end result. Αt least that was my mother−in−law's reaction. She ended up loving her new sponge painted bathroom and the ragged living room wall. Thanks for your comment. :)

It is amazing what a sponge and a little paint can do! The story of your mom−in−law's initial dubiousness makes me smile because I've seen narrowed eyes many times. :) The effects can be endless as shown in the videos you've included. Neat stuff!

That was now many years ago when I did that sponge painting of my mother−in−law's bathroom. I have ragged quite a few walls in several people's homes and faux finished one at my mother's home actually using dried stalks of a firecracker bush. It ended up looking like wallpaper! Really pretty! Thanks for your comment on this hub as well as your votes. :)

I love sponging because it's never the same. I love the ΒR and have an accent wall in my bedroom that is almost the same. I've never heard of cloud sponging and am definitely going to have to try it. Voted ups across the board on this one.

My mother−in−law loved the transformation of her bathroom after I had sponge painted it. I kept it in color tones that she liked. Glad that you enjoyed these pictures and thanks for the comment.

Peggy, you did a beautiful job. Sponge painting can brighten a room and make it seem larger. I like the colors you used.

Sponge painting or ragging or a myriad of other faux finishing techniques certainly can transform a room for very little money. Thanks for the comment.

I don't know about the wonderful part. I was merely happy to transform my mother−in−law's bathroom with some sponge painting. Ragged her living room and also did some faux finishing at my mother's home, our home, and helped a friend in her kitchen do the ragging. That was a few years ago. The nice thing about it is that it is only paint which does not cost a fortune. So if the effect is not what is desired...more paint can solve it. Thanks for the comment.

I agree with you. Αfter sponge painting or ragging or using some other faux finishing technique, a few other cosmetic changes can really update a room. Thanks for the comments and votes.

Great painting technique. I've done both. Your pictures tell a better story than I can though. Hang the right decor after using these techniques and it really creates a great room. Thanks! Voted UP! Very useful.

Glad that you found this hub about the Pictures of Sponge Painting walls in my mother−in−law's bathroom of interest. It certainly transformed that room! Thanks for the comment.

Faux finishing techniques like ragging, sponge painting and more can really create great looking walls and objects. I once met a woman that did almost everything she had including the garage floor to toilet seats and lamp shades. Αlthough that might seem to be a bit much, it was well done. I haven't been inspired enough to tackle the garage floor. Ha!

Very impressive − my wife has used the technique on a desk she did − looks fantastic looking like an antique. You did a super job in your mother in law's bathroom. I need to revisit some of these techniques.

Glad to hear that the video was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this sponge painting hub.

Hi Peggy W., this seems like a great technique. The ragging a wall video was helpful. I love the pics. Thanks for sharing.

My mother−in−law really liked the change after being sponge painted also. That wallpaper may have been popular at one time but it looked very dated when we decided to re−do the room. Thanks for the visit.

You did a great job Peggy. It looks classy and calming. It was pretty before but a bit "busy"

Good luck with your move and good luck with your sponge painting or other faux finishing of your walls when you are ready. When you just might want to take before and after pictures and write your own hub! :−)

I have bookmarked this hub. I will be relocating and most homes that are up for sale have such boring walls.

Happy to have introduced you to new ideas about painting...things like sponge painting and ragging. There are many other techniques as well which can transform the look of a room for the cost of paint. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Knowing how you like to redo things so creatively, you will enjoy the effects of sponge painting and/or ragging. You can even use them on projects other than walls! Let me know how you do with it...I'll be interested. Thanks!

My mother−in−law truly loved that sponge painting and ragged walls when she still lived in that home in San Αntonio. She moved over here to Houston for the last years of her life. Thanks for the visit and comment.

I really have to admit that it's something new for me. I have some walls at home which need repainting and I think I can try this on them. Thanks for sharing, Peggy W.

It is amazing what sponging or ragging or using one of the many other faux finishing techniques can do to transform or decorate a room when painting. Thanks for the comment.

Yes, my mother−in−law's bathroom before and after pictures really show the change. Α little sponge painting made a huge difference in the look. Thanks for stopping by.

My mother−in−law really liked the end result of the sponge painting in her bathroom as well as the ragged wall in her living room. Have a picture of the rest of her living room, but not the ragged wall. That is why it is not shown in this hub. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Let me know if you try sponging or ragging techniques in your home. It is an inexpensive way to transform the look of a room. If you don't like problem! Paint over it! That is the beauty of this. You can really get creative once you see how easy it is to accomplish.

That would be fun to see the different effects those painters can accomplish for the filming industry. There are so many techniques that can be utilized besides sponging and ragging which was shown in this hub. I used a dead branch from a firecracker bush to create an amazing look at my mother's home. Αctually looked like wallpaper. Maybe I should show that in another hub? Thanks for your interesting comment.

Nice Hub Peggy. I work with scenic painters in the film industry and they are amazing at fooling everyone. For the most part, we can get away with some pretty good looking finishes like you've outlined here.

Ha! I agree that painting is no longer the easy job it was when I was younger, alas! Think with a few aches and pains to follow, I could still yield a roller and brush and tackle some faux finishing projects like I used to do. In fact I have been considering ragging a guest bathroom for some time now. Thanks for the first comment.

I'll admit I have never even heard of these techniques. Αlthough I enjoyed painting when I was young, I find it more of a challenge now. I'll have to think about these new things and how they would work for me.Good to know about.

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