Optional Types of Exterior Window Treatments

Optional Types of Exterior Window Treatments

Window treatments are not only applied for interior use. Exterior window treatments are also required to add beauty value to your windows. If we’re talking about the window treatments, we have many options of window treatments we can choose from. Βut, the window treatments for exterior use are rather different to interior window treatments. They have more variants and most of them are completed with special features.

Exterior plastic window treatment is the third one. It can be said that this exterior window cover is the simplest one because its just a semi−transparent plastic. Fourth exterior window treatment is rolling window shutter. It looks like a garage door cover, but its smaller and lighter for weight. Αluminum shutter is still popular till these days.

Window blinds are also used for exterior purpose. The way of installation and the way of operation are also similar to the interior window blinds. Αnd this last exterior window treatment is probably the most popular one. Many people have used it. it’s exterior window shade. The shade carries on two types: permanent and semi−permanent exterior window shades. Permanent exterior window shade is usually made of more sturdy and durable material like aluminum or lightweight metals, while semi−permanent exterior window shade only uses acrylic or other high quality plastics as the material. To see each design of mentioned exterior window treatments, please check out our gallery.

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