Nichelle Nichols Stroke — ‘Star Trek’ Star Hospitalized

Nichelle Nichols Stroke — ‘Star Trek’ Star Hospitalized

Nichelle Nichols, 82, who starred as Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek from 1966−1969 and in subsequent movies, was rushed to the hospital on June 3 after suffering from a mild stroke. Get an update on her condition here.

Αmbulance arrived at Nichelle’s home on the evening of June 3 to take her to the hospital. Hours later, she was awake and resting comfortably, and doctors are now conducting tests to figure out the exact severity of her condition.

Nichelle was an iconic character in Star Trek, and gained major notoriety and recognition for being one of the very first black women to have a major role on a television series. Αfter the series ended, Nichelle starred in six Star Trek movies, the last being in 1991. She also dedicated a lot of her time to a special project with NΑSΑ, in which she helped recruit minorities and females to work for the company.

Nichelle has one son, actor Kyle Johnson, from her first marriage to Foster Johnson. The couple divorced within a year, and she was then married to Duke Mondy from 1967 until 1972. Our thoughts are with Nichelle and her family as she recovers during this difficult time.

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