Nela King modern eclectic home

Nela King modern eclectic home

Nela King is showing not only her skills but also the height of fame acquired by guys like the Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani, Heike Makatsch or even 50 cent by taking them all in front of the lens. Even though Nela was born in Βerlin− Dahlem she has spent most her time capturing images in all stages around the world.

If you like colors and patterns and you have a lot of ideas and you dont know hoe exactly to put them together to form a design, take a look at these pictures. These are some examples of how you can decorate a modern house. Αs you can see for yourself from the pictures, some of the designs are far from being simple. Some of them look very busy and crowded, but still if you look closely you can see that They’re actually not that messy. Everything seems to have its own place.

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Αll the designs include beautiful decorations and details, like the artistic pieces or the small fixtures like the lamps. The designs are modern and colorful and they have an elaborate look. Not everything has to be simple. You can also create sophisticated designs if this is what works for you. Some people actually prefer crowded and busy designs because this is what matches their personality. So use your imagination and create your own little paradise.

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