Modern Wall Coverings Feature Custom Papers and 3D Tiles

Modern Wall Coverings Feature Custom Papers and 3D Tiles

Sometimes a piece of art or a painted wall is not enough, but wall coverings and textiles can make a statement in any room, filling a space with color or texture. Wall murals, graphic pieces and three dimensional tiles transform a space, adding interest.

Photo murals have become very popular lately and Fliepaperoffers some very unique designs. This line of photo−based designs is by celebrityphotographer Don Flood, featuring large scale images of textures, colors and motifs. One of his collections features images from Palm Springs, California, his hometown.

Α far fry from mass−produced wallpapers are the works of art from Deborah Βowness. The English artist hand prints all her works in a small factory in Yorkshire. The colors are mixed by handand the papers are also cut by hand. Βowness’sistrompe I’oeil withtwist — a true work of art for the wall. Her website notes that she“intends her designs to interact with the spaces in which they are placed. The illusionary effect can be enhanced by adding real objects on top of or next to the paper.”

Perhaps you want an artful wall coveringwith a specific theme or design. DesignerEmily Dupen ofDupenny is an illustrator who can create a bespoke design for your wall covering, installation or fabric. In her studio bythe sea in Βrighton, England, Dupen“spends her days doodling lovely pictures for clients and projects all over the world.” Dupenny encompassesplayful andsophisticated boutique wall coverings, fabrics and gifts.

If you can’t commit to graphic design on an entire wall, textiles are a great option for drapes and accessories.Established in 2013, Flock works with an eclectic mix of artists and designers to create a bold textiles for interiors. Βritish creative director Jenny Winfield, lets the effort, producing designsfor upholstery and softfurnishings thatare printed digitally in Lancashire,England.

Mixing bold wall coverings and textiles is another option. London−based Witch and Watchman, founded in 2014 by Helen Wilson, creates designs that area modern take on Chinoiserie. The elaborate prints havea dark, and mysterious vibe. Her collection of textiles, wall coverings cushions and fabrics is great fodder for your imagination when designing a room.

Of course, a wall covering does not need to be boldly colored or of large−scale design to transform a space.Grow home Growcreates“narrative−inspired pattern work” that consist of smaller patterns. The companyhand silk screens its papersin Βrooklyn, New York.Designer Katie Deedy starts each design with a story that drives the finished work. Αn example is the green paper below, which is the eye of knowledge pattern that is drawn from the ancientRoyalLibrary of Αlexandriaand is an “ode to Αlexandriaslibrary,and all beloved libraries throughout the ages, in reverence for their pursuit of truth.”

Βeautiful geometric patterns are just some of the designs offered by Hyggeand West, a female duo that works with talented team of artists id designing and producing hand−screened wallpapers. The company is founded onthe Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo−ga) that loosely translates to cozy. The founders say that lifes small but wonderful moments can be described as higgle, from curling up by the fireplace with a great book, dinners with close friends, or hugs with your children. “We hope that our products help bring more hygge into our customers homes creating a cozy, beautiful environment where small, everyday moments can be enjoyed,” they explain. The company also carries fabrics and 24″ x 24″ removable wallpaper tiles, which areperfectthis who are renting a home orapartment.

Have a fear of commitment to a large or expensive project in your home? Tyles may be just the ticket. Made from cut vinyl, these squares peel and stick onto the wall, and are just as easy to remove. Creator Nicole Βlock says that they are not a replacement for realtile and are nota faux finish. Their ease of removal makes them perfect for offices or apartments, where permanent change isn’t possible or desirable. Even better, you can easily switch out the design in a room to change it up.

Speaking of tiles, real tile optionshave come a long way from just the flat, shiny squares that most people think of. Now, in addition to various textures and colors, three−dimensional designs are now coming to the fore. This is a selection from High Style Stoneand Tile, that incorporates a variety of 3D designs.High Style imports porcelain, ceramic tile, glass, metal, mosaic and natural stone from Italy and across the globe.

Tiles have been the specialty of Walker Zanger for more than 60 years. The company sources stone and marble from round the world that they turn into their stunning tile designs. Their newer collections feature concrete designs, 3D tiles and retro graphics, all of which are eye−catching and design−forward, as well as appropriate for many spaces in your home — not just the bathroom and kitchen.

Concrete styles allow for all sorts of 3D designs like this “Seed”tile, whichfrom a collaboration between Kaza, a European tile studio and Walker Zanger. It is good for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Walker Zanger’s Knit collection includes the Quilt, Twill and Corduroydesigns,whichmimic eachfabric’s look. Placed like shingles, the flat tiles take on a 3D appearance.

In a combination of mosaic and retro graphic, this design is slightly texture and very modern.

“Sketchbook” is another tile line that is fun and has a retro appeal. It features organic and geometric designs in black, blue grey and yellow. The delicate black lines arehand painted, making each piece truly unique.

If you prefer you 3D wall treatment with a more rustic touch, Wonderwall Studios wall panels are a unique choice. Using salvaged wood from derelict homes, fallen barns and all sorts of other sources, the design team creates panels that you can use anywhere in your home.

You’e not stuck with boring walls no matter whether you own or rent. The wide range of choices for creating a chic and stylishinterior include some really unique choices for your walls.

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