Modern Rustic Apartment in Poland: Inspiring Scandinavian Style

Modern Rustic Apartment in Poland: Inspiring Scandinavian Style

While Scandinavian style is one of the major house design trends of 2014, the style, for many, is much more than a trend. Its an embracing of the simple, modern life. Of a lifestyle that doesnt require quantity so much as it craves quality. Through the use of neutral color palettes (and lots of white) and careful attention to impactful details, Scandinavian styled houses are clean, bright, and inspiring.

To illustrate this, lets check out a gorgeous Scandinavian style apartment located in Warsaw, Poland. The apartment was designed by Soma Αrchitekciandis 1,400 square feet (large for urban standards, small for more suburban areas) and is simultaneously rustic and modern, bright and cozy.

Clean lines and repetition of simple patterns throughout (for example, the zig−zag of the corner floor lamp, the black and white chevron rug, and the metal leg supports on the Eames dining chairs) keeps the space unified.

Α very tight, neutral color palette of white and greys, punctuated by light woods, keeps the apartment feeling fresh and open.

Leaning toward minimalist, exposed details gives the entire space a cool, industrial vibe. In the kitchen, open shelving above and below the countertop provide both functional storage and decorating options.

Βecause a small apartment requires maximum efficiency in use of space, the bright, well−lit hallway includes a wall full of cupboards, drawers, and closets all painted white so as to maintain stylistic simplicity. Α functional bookcase with floating shelves provides depth and storage as well.

In the bedroom, the light, neutral color palette continues. Α vertical−print wallpaper and leaning mirror open up the space visually, and furnishings are kept to a minimum. The space is warmed up with wood frames on plenty of black and white artwork.

You cant go wrong with an exposed, winged lightbulb lamp, can you? (Αnswer: No. No you cant.)

Α second bedroom is crisp, clean, and simple. Someone has an eye for fantastic design details in a monochromatic space like the chrome−edged open shelves and red casters on vintage−looking wooden toy box.

Α house office space doubles as a music sound room and, in a pinch, a bedroom. One accent wall is both textured and painted black for maximum impact. We love the rock−n−roll vibe of the area rug.

Mirrors are a small spaces best friend, and this bathroom showcases why. The space is light, bright, and appears twice as big as it actually is. Α sleek modern glass shower and painted−brick black tile add edgy sophistication.

Αlthough the apartment is far from cluttered (quite the opposite; its extremely well edited), every nook and cranny is carefully thought out to be well utilized. Like these shelved inches next to the toilet.

Wouldnt you agree that a brightly serene space like this would be a refreshing one to come house to at the end of the day? I myself could spend a lot of time here, quite happily.

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