Modern Luxury Living in a Kensington Residence, London, UK

Modern Luxury Living in a Kensington Residence, London, UK

Every detail of the apartment was reimagined. The tour begins in the entry, which opens up into a foyer. The designers made this whole space feel larger (a signficant feat in London, no matter what your postcode) by adding a large decorative mirror covering an entire wall.

Casa Forma extended the minimalist and very clean approach to the kitchen. Flat surfaces, neutral tones, and enough ovens to host a seriously good dinner party are some of the best features. Theres also an informal seating area for breakfasts, cocktail parties, or cocktail parties that last until breakfast.

From here, the design flows into a formal dining room and living room. The space is separated by large glass shelving unit simultaneously separating the space while drawing it together. It resembles a well designed lobby of a luxury hotel property.

The residence includes two bedrooms a master and a guest, both used for purpose. The master bedroom is simple, retaining all the elements that make the living areas so contemporary and relaxing. Casa Forma brought these style points through to the bedroom and gave it something extra by adding a lighting system designed to light the room for reading or sleep without adding any harshness.

The redesign included the transformation of the walk−in closet into a dressing room. Trust us, theres a difference. The new dressing room provides an open shelving unit with glass drawers to trade in the typical closet space and turn it into a museum, putting clothes, shoes, and accessories on display.

Lets talk about the jewel in the crown of this property the master ensuite bathroom. Βathrooms in old London homes are hard to fit without knocking down a wall or two, but Casa Forma made the most of the space with an oversize bathtub placed directly in front of a feature window.

Thats enough talking the photo gallery is worth a thousand words (and a million dollars).

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