Modern Living Room Wall Mount TV Design Ideas

Modern Living Room Wall Mount TV Design Ideas

The TV is an important part of most living rooms. Its a must−have in this area of the home and it often becomes the focal point in the room. Its one of the reasons why a TV wall is a very popular element in most living rooms. The TV wall usually includes a wall−mounted TV and a cabinet underneath or wall−mounted shelves or storage cabinets around the TV or in its vicinity on the same wall.

Βut simpler versions are also common, especially in the case of minimalist living room decors. In such cases, the TV wall features the TV and nothing more. Combinations can be created and you can have a TV wall with a fireplace or with artwork displayed along with the TV. Βut usually people like having a very simple look in that part of the room in order to allow the TV to be the only element that attracts attention.

For a balanced dcor, you can eye−catching artwork displayed on a separate wall. Of course, there are numerous other options to be considered in the case of the TV wall. For example, you have to take into consideration the color of the wall, if you want it to be the same as for the rest of the room or if you prefer to paint a frame around the TV.

The texture of the wall is also something to be taken into consideration. The TV wall can be an accent element and it can be, for example, an exposed brick wall or a wallpaper portion of a wall. In any case, it all depends on the specific circumstances and preferences of the ones in charge with the dcor.

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