Modern Casement Windows for a Classic Glazing Solution

Modern Casement Windows for a Classic Glazing Solution

Casement windows are usually thought of as the best glazing solution for a family home − certainly for the upstairs rooms in a family home. The casement only opens to a certain degree and is often controlled by an interior "child lock", which means its first opening is only an inch or two at most. This means, of course, that even the smallest toddler, with the most inquisitive fingers, is unlikely to get himself or herself into any dangerous situations by fiddling around with window handles.

The casement window is as attractive as it is safe, making casement windows the ideal all round glazing solution for any upstairs room, and for any busy family home. With the option to add extra window solutions above the casement (like awning windows, which can be stacked up quite high, thus enabling a "wall of glass" effect if necessary, where the whole wall of a room appears open to the world outside), this kind of window is also one of the most versatile in the market.

Modern casements are available with a large range of finish options, hardware additions (the hardware is the "nuts and bolts", the catches and locks that make the casement windows open and close) and external claddings. Interior jambs on the windows can be delivered either as completely finished and treated wood, or as untreated wood suitable for priming and painting. External cladding is usually aluminium, but can be had in a version that looks exactly like milled and treated wood. The exterior cladding on all casements is suitable for rebuffing almost all weather conditions, and will keep the internal parts of the window and the places where its seals join the actual fabric of the home completely dry.

In addition to these features, modern casement windows have drip and run−off solutions similar to those found inside car doors − an arrangement of holes and channels that take rainwater on an unvaried and pre designed course to completely eradicate condensation and eventual rusting or mildewing. In order to further prevent mildew from attacking, most modern casements have seals on them that have been treated with advanced anti bacterial agents: the compounds held in the seals prevent mould or black spot from ever growing.

The multi point locking systems that are fitted in all modern casement windows are impossible to operate unless you know exactly where to find the catch − and how to use it. Αs such, casement windows are undoubtedly the safest and most worry free glazing option for any home. It's also one of the most efficient, with low emissivity, low noise transfer double glazing fitted as standard across all ranges. The gap between the panes can even be gas filled, if required − creating the most energy efficient heat and noise retaining barrier in modern building.

Casement windows with a sealed and gas filled gap between internal and external pane can retain heat with an enormous amount of efficiency: the gas, which is inert, is incapable of transferring heat very quickly and so the interior surface of the inside pane stays warm no matter what the temperature outside.

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