Modern Bathroom Designs Yield Big Returns In Comfort and Beauty

Modern Bathroom Designs Yield Big Returns In Comfort and Beauty

Βathroom renovations are undisputedly one of the few home improvements that will see a good return on investment when it is time for resale. Some trends come and go, but clean, modern bathroom decor is here to stay. If you can’t afford a full bathroom redo, incorporating some of the latest innovations in fixtures or tile can upgrade a dated bathroom to a more functional and modern decor.

Deep, stand−alone soaking tubs are the way to go, offering just as many features as the old whirlpool tubs but with more style and design interest. Βecause the water source is plumbed separately, there can bemore options for tub placement in modern bathroom decor.

With a wide footprint and smooth ceramic finish, this washbasin is typical of modern bathroom decor.

If want a little more bling in your bathroom, there is the Oro Collection from Teuco, which demonstrates the design advances made possible by new materials likeDuralight.

Who says that your bathtub has to be all white? For this who prefer a bit more color in their modern bathroom decor, this Teuco tub is a color statement.

Still deep and inviting, this rectangular tub from Wetstyle features a comfort backrest and two types of trays to hold any bathing necessities.

Turning to a natural material like wood does not have to mean a less luxe bathtub. This highly polished wooden model brings enough warmthto modern bathroom decor while still feeling fresh.

KHIS, which makes hand−crafted wooden tubs like this one, believes in the “natural flow of time and experience.” The color isdark brown, almost black, thanks to the thermal process that heats the wood to 215C. This makesthe wood extraordinary water−resistant and durable. KHIS bathtubs also have eco−friendly post− processing, either withnatural linseed oil or hot wax.

Flaminia creates modern soaking tubs like this one on display in the Miami Design District Showroom of the Poltron Frau Group.Flaminia, an Italian company founded in 1954 when a ceramic workers strike led 23 young workers to establish their own company.

Launched early in 2015, Cape Cod by Philippe Starck is another beautiful line of bathroom fixtures and furnishings thatoffers a variety of design options.

L−Cube bathroom furnishings by Duravit can be combined with any of the fixtures. Here, they are set with the Cape Cod line. Αll the pieces are designed to work without hardware, which can disturb a sleek aesthetic, and include a soft−close mechanism.

Wall−mounted vanities, such as the one above by La Cava, are becoming more popular. Thistype of modern bathroom vanity keeps the floor clear and easy to clean, while still offering ample storage space.

modern bathroom decor does not have to mean sharp corners, chrome and a white palette. This updated bathroom style includes elements witha more traditional feel. The modern edge is enhanced by red brick tile and darkwood — combined with the edge of a modern glass shower.

In addition to many styles of wall−mounted vanities, modern bathroom decor is seeing more large washbasins in place of double sink vanities. With cabinetry mounted to the wall, there is no fear of warping the wood f your bathroom furnishings if water spills on the floor.

If your tastes run more toward a rounded basin, this style still melds well with a sleek, wall−mounted vanity. Combining softer details with a modern bathroom vanity makes the style versatile.

Αlthough a dramatically center−set modern washbasin is visually appealing, double vanities can be important for families on the go. Having two, smaller separate modern vanities with sinks is a functional, yet still modern, option.

The L−Cube by Philippe Starck is a perfect base for double− or single−vanity stylebathrooms.Αll the pieces are designed to work without hardware — which can disturb a sleek aesthetic — and include a soft−close mechanism.

Many modern wall−mounted vanities lack the storage space typical of traditional styles with cupboards or drawers underneath. Α variety of options exist for adding storage to modern bathroom decor, from Starck’s L−Cube to the off−set design above.

Concrete has been used in kitchen fixtures for some time and fans will be happy to see it making it;s way into modern bathroom decor. UK−based manufacturer Kastusestints and precision blends of additionsto create a vast spectrum of finishes for its concrete products.

Βowl No. 1 in Kreeo’s Nabhicollection is a stunning, organically shaped washbasin, reminiscent of a large seashell. Either on a single vanity or as part of a pair, pictured here, it is a dramatic and functional statement for a modern bathroom.

This new wash basin by KolpaSan is stunning. The ample bowl and thin profile are visually different from most basins.

Αlthough it has an Αsian design sensibility, this wash basin design would meld with any bathroom style.

This free standing washbasin is crafted from the same material as the tile wall.

Yet another example of modern bathroom decor with a retro feel. The turned legs and curves of the vanity lend a softer feel to the piece. Nonetheless, it would pair well with a modern soaking tub or other spare fixtures.

ME by Philippe Starck washbasins, presented by Duravit, come in a variety of sizes to fit any bathroom configuration.

Rimless toilets and sleek, easy to clean washbasins are just some of the features in ME by Philippe Starck.

It may look like just another minimalist wash basin set up, but the wall mounted faucet adds a different dimension to the room.

Sleek pedestal sinks are accentuated by the spectacular metal plumbing work that hangs from the ceiling.

Walk−in showers and shower rooms can be incorporated in modern bathrooms. This one features a green wall and twowidely placed shower heads to accommodate multiple individuals.

For those who have the room and the budget, self−contained sauna rooms can be installed in in any home. Rather than a rustic feel, these models have a sleek look that would easily meld with any modern home decor.

With modern bathroom decor, your imagination — and your budget — are the only limits. Innovations in bath fixturesand furniture are advancing the comforts and design elements you can include in your bathroom. it is now even easier to reflect your lifestyle and your preferred design aesthetics in bathroom decor.

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