Maximizing Your Space In A Studio Apartment

Maximizing Your Space In A Studio Apartment

Theres something open and refreshing about a well−kept studio apartment, where parts of a persons existence are exposed upon walking through the front door. While this might strike fear and angst into the hearts of many, studio apartment life offers enough perks that it might make a tempting housing option. If you live in a studio apartment currently or are considering making the leap, you might find this article informative and inspiring.

The definition of a studio apartment is as compact as the thing itself: an apartment containing one main room. (Studio apartments are also known as studio flats, bachelor apartments, or efficiency apartments.) Typically, the bathroom is contained in a separate small space, but everything else (kitchen, living, and bedroom) is combined into a single (usually small) space.

Its quite a bit cheaper to rent a small studio apartment than to go the route of other housing options, for obvious reasons youre paying for much less space.

Going along with studio apartments typically being on the less expensive end of the housing spectrum is the fact that, as such, youll likely get to live in a more desirable part of town. This is a huge benefit that cant be overstated it alone can change the quality of ones life immeasurably.

Βecause there is simply not enough space to keep a multiplicity of Stuff in your studio apartment, youll get to take a personal inventory to figure out what you truly love and what brings you joy in life. Those things can probably stay. Everything else probably cant. Its as simple and as beautifully liberating as that.

When wiping a kitchen counter clean completes about 40% of the surface cleaning in your space, thats something to be happy about. Then you can move on to doing the other stuff you really enjoy doing, not being stuck behind a mop all day.

Lets be honest a studio apartment isnt likely going to win any huge−square−footage awards. It can be a challenge to live in such a small space. Fortunately, challenges like these can often be overcome with a little introspection and creativity.

While open concept is a desirable contemporary layout scheme, it comes with challenges in the studio apartment realm when theres little to no breathing space between functions. Your bed may very well be forced to sit next to the refrigerator in a studio apartment.

While some might view this as an advantage (depending on the guest), having a space thats too small to home both yourself and a loved one or two can be a disadvantage. Αfter all, one of the main joys of life is being with the people you love.

Α wall doesnt necessarily have to be architecturally built in to provide visual separation between different functional spaces. The walls can be as simple as a ceiling−mounted curtain or a strategically placed piece of furniture.

It might sound harsh, especially if you truly love furniture, but one of the best ways to decorate your studio apartment is to keep the furnishings minimal. Try to choose items that multi−taskand save the hard−core collecting until youve got a little more space to play with.

One of the best ways to infuse a space with style is by highlighting the walls. This is particularly important in a studio apartment because it provides plenty of style without taking up any floor space. Look to wallpaper, great paint tones, or artwork, for starters.

Your typical couch and loveseat around the coffee table living room layout will have gone the way of all traditional layout ideas. How about suspended bed above sofa to keep things light, fresh, fun, and, above all, functional?

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