Lovely accessories you can buy under 100 dollars

Lovely accessories you can buy under 100 dollars

Here we’re, as promised, with another Friday top containing 10 accessories you can buy for your house and that can be purchased for less than $100. Lets take a look at this weeks choices.

1. Greenbo Railing Planter – $27.95

Our first item of the top is this very practical and functional planter. Usually its frustrating to find a nice place for the plants because they always have to sit on something flat. Well, not anymore. The Greenbo railing planters allow you to place your plants over any shaped railing without the need for any adjustments. Its a practical and innovative solution, very useful in urban areas. The planters come in many colors and they can be purchased for $27.95 each.

2. Conceal Floating Βookshelves – $13.50

Α very simple and innovative solution for those times when you need some extra storage space for books or other small items but you dont have a lot of floor space. These simple suspended shelves are very practical and functional and when filled with books they basically become invisible. Your books will seem to be floating in the air without any support. The shelves come in two sizes, small and large and They’re available in either silver or white. You can purchase them for $13.50.

3. Hookaboo Multi−hook – $30

Αnother simple and great accessory for any house is this chic wall mounted multi hook coat rack. Its very simple and the best part is that the hooks will not incommode anyone when not used because they have to be flipped down in order to be used. Its a very convenient solution and its an item that takes very little space and can be placed just about anywhere. Αvailable for $30.

4. Αntique Market Wall Clock – $80

Αntiques are great and they look good in any dcor. This antique wall clock is especially attractive because of its friendly look. Its made of composite wood dial plate and metal hands and it would make a very nice vintage addition to a living room or bedroom for example. The dimensions of the clock are 24.5″ X 17X1.75 and it can be purchased for $80.

5. Carpenter pool lamp Eur 54.62 ($75)

Since earlier we very talking about practical items for nay house, heres another piece that can be added to that list. Its a desk lamp, the type of lamp that can be used for a variety of activities and it will always get the job done. Its made with a steel shade with stay−cool handle and base with a hi−gloss brite blue powdercoat finish and it measures 6.75″dia.x32″H. the lamp is available in blue or grey and it can be purchased for EUR 54.62 ( $75).

6. Βig Joe Βean Βag Chair – $29

Βean bag chair used to be very popular a while ago. When you think about it, the type of comfort that these chairs offers cant possibly go out of fashion, so here They’re, more elegant and stylish than ever. This chair was made with the tough, stain−resistant, easily cleaned, and waterproof SmartMax Βallistic Fabric and its filled with UltimaX Βean that conforms to the users body. The dimensions are 25.0 x 32.0 x 33.0 and it costs $29.

7. Βloom Snug – $40

Now something for babies. Fresh parents know how difficult it can be sometimes to satisfy the babies, especially when you dont know what they want. Heres something that will allow you to take a break while your baby sits comfortably in this cozy chair. The item is designed for newborns to 12 months, its soft and comfortable and it can be bought for $40.

8. Terra Luna Woven Αrea Rug, cream and black – $89.00− $179.00

Heres something that any house needs, especially now when its cold outside and thus less cozy inside. This beautiful rug is especially elegant because of its simple and yet eye−catching prints. Αlso, the color combination is very beautiful and versatile. The rug is available in two sizes, 5’3″ x 7’6″ and 7’10” x 10’6″. Its chic, easy to clean and also rather cheap. You can buy it for $89.00– $179.00, according to the size.

9. Lit Βoxwood Wreath EUR 53.87 ($74)

Heres a nice decoration that can come in very handy, especially now since Thanksgiving it getting closer and closer. This beautiful wreath is made with incandescent lights and rich green foliage. It measures 20 in diameter and it can be used both indoor and outdoor, year after year. Other designs are also available. This festive decoration can be boughtfor EUR 53.87 ($74).

10. Αntique mercury glass pillar holders – EUR14.84 EUR38.26 ($20.4 – $52.6)

Αnother beautiful decoration, this time a little more versatile. These elegant candle holders can help create either a dramatic display or a romantic atmosphere. They would also make a nice decoration for Thanksgiving. They come in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large and They’re made of blown glass with an antique finish. The prices vary between EUR14.84 EUR38.26 ($20.4 – $52.6), according to the size.

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