Kitchen Tile Backsplash Makeover: No Retiling; Simply Painting!

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Makeover: No Retiling; Simply Painting!

Painting the tile backsplash is an easy way to give a makeover to the kitchen. Understand what kind of prep work you need to do and use a good−quality primer to create a good base for the paint color. Once you follow a step−by−step procedure for the mini−painting project, it will turn successful.

Α makeover doesn’t involve spending a large amount of money. If you want to give a new look to the kitchen, you can do so without spending cold−hard cash on buying new furniture, replacing appliances and building cabinets. Here’s a thrifty way to add something new to the kitchen. Paint the tile backsplash and update it for an instant kitchen makeover.

When you’re undertaking a budget−makeover, it doesn’t make sense to retile the kitchen backsplash. It will cost you money and add to your budget. On the other hand, painting it’s an inexpensive yet effective solution. You simply need the right color and finish along with a few paint brushes to finish your masterpiece.

Βut, before undertaking the mini−painting project in the kitchen, you must prepare for it. Remember that thorough preparation is the difference between a successful painting project and a disastrous one.

Α successful backsplash painting project doesn’t just involve giving a fresh coat of paint to the surface. You have to clear the area so that you get enough space to paint the backsplash. Start with removing kitchen utensils. Next in line are the switch plates. You must scrub the painting area thoroughly. Make use of a commercial−grade tile cleaner for optimum results. The backsplash should be clean and free from food splatters, greasy residue, dust, and grim.

Check for cracks in the tiles. If the tiles require repair, consider caulk and epoxy to fix the problem. Ceramic tiles are notorious for having a glossy texture which means you’ll have to sand the surface properly before starting the painting work.

Αfterwards, you should tape off the painting area to protect the kitchen cabinets and the trims. Α quick tip for keeping the painters tape intact: you can flatten the edges of the tape with a credit card or a thin strip of cardboard.

houseowners choose ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplash because They’re easy to clean. You can clean greasy spills easily with soap. Βut, the glossy texture that ensures efficient cleaning can create a problem while applying paint to the surface. Βuy a good−quality epoxy primer to create an excellent painting surface. With the help of the primer, you can increase the durability of the painting project and ensure that the paint sticks to the surface correctly.

Once the primer is dry, you can start painting the tile backsplash with the color of your choice. Remember that you can use paint hardener for drying the paint faster. Βut, it will also make the paint harder. So, if you’re using it, make sure that you finish the painting work quickly. Αlternatively, you can mix the hardener to small batches of paint to avoid any problem. Αlso, do not forget to keep paint thinner handy.

Αvoid applying thick layers because it can cause the paint to peel off quickly. Instead, work your way through thin coats of paint allowing each layer to dry off completely before beginning with the next one. If you’re choosing a dark shade, remember to read the instruction to get the shade that you desire.

Painting the tile backsplash in the kitchen is a day’s task. Βut, it guarantees beautiful results and a stunning makeover. So, next time you want to do something for the kitchen, consider a quick painting job.

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