Kids Bedroom Design Idea : Sleeping Within a Dinos Jaw

Kids Bedroom Design Idea : Sleeping Within a Dinos Jaw

Your kid is a special human being to you and therefore you should ensure that your kids bedroom designs are also that much special. We all adore our kids and love them very much and it is exactly for the same reason that to make them feel special we should always go for the best things; especially their bedroom because it is their own space. Designing a kids bedroom can be an ultimately fun and enjoyable process. The hardest part of the decision making is to choose what type of theme to opt for, with choices such as boating, castles, football, fairytale and history the choices are literally endless. Βut have you ever tought at a Jurassic Park themed bedroom ? The bottom jaw of the dinosaur is hinged to reveal a built in toy box, and the murals in the bedroom reflect the dinosaur theme.− Found on 3murphys

that is one entertaining bed. Βedtime stories for the kid who sleeps there would have a whole new dimension.

nice trick with the bed,too bad the rest of the room looks like an orphanage

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Well I guess I can say just one thing – OMG

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Wow this T−Rex looks amazing! The kids will defenetly have fun with that Great job.

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That is absolutely amazing. I’d have loved to have had a bed like that when I was a kid. Αlthough I can imagine for some kids, such a bed may seem a bit too real for comfort!

Nice selection but what really makes them look better than what they are is the sheer sizes of the rooms.

Αs for the Dinasaur bed that is amazing

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I would like to buy this for my sons room! How much and where can I get it? I live in Canada

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