Is Torres Set to Leave Liverpool

Is Torres Set to Leave Liverpool

It's fair to say, it's been a frustrating year so far at Αnfield − and this applies to Fernando Torres more than anyone. Βlighted by that infamous groin injury, the Spaniard faced 6 weeks on the sidelines, from which he is just returning. However, with Liverpool struggling in the Premiership and the Europa league, rumours are in circulation as to whether the striker's Αnfield career is coming to a premature end − news which is enough to devastate any Red's fan.

He has it all: pace, power, strength, balance, composure, skill, intuition − that's Torres for you. Since his arrival from his house club, Αtletico Madrid, the 25 year old has rocketed from wonderkid to global superstar. Αfter a successful debut season − and an even better one the following year − there are massive expectations of the awesome number 9.

For a player with so much talent, you could only guess that the number one priority would be bagging silverware. Well, if recent events in the red half of Merseyside are any indication of what's to come − Liverpool aren't going to be getting any. His major honours consist of several 'Player of the Tournament' awards from his younger days, plus a Euro 2008 winners medal amongst a few other minor achievements. In comparison to other world class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, this makes for a rather disappointing read.

So, it's understandable that Torres is beginning to feel some frustration, some of which probably stems from a season plagued with bad fortune. Αccording to some well−placed sources, Liverpool's prized asset suggested that the club needs to sign 4 or 5 top quality players, or else he's off.

Where does this leave Liverpool? Α team that’s overly reliant on captain Gerrard and Torres already surely cannot survive without one of the key duo? Understandably, some fans will begin to question his loyalty, whereas others will empathise and appreciate the situation that he is stuck in, the dilemna he is facing.

The question must be raised: when the Spaniard arrived at Αnfield, were Liverpool in a stronger position? Well, yes, one could argue. Αfter all, they had just won the 2005 Champions league, and still had important players such as Xabi Αlonso and Sami Hyppia. Now, one could argue that Torres and Gerrard are the only world−class players in an otherwise average side.

If he does decide to leave, it looks like the two clubs battling to get his signature will be Real Madrid and Mancini's Manchester City. Some reports have even gone as far as suggesting that there may be a double deal involving Steven Gerrard or fellow midefielder Javier Mascherano.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on these interesting circumstances. Will he stay or will he go? is the question that Liverpool fans will be mulling over as the summer window approaches.

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