Ideas for Small Apartments from Compact Living

Ideas for Small Apartments from Compact Living

In the last month I’ve got a few emails from people asking me if I can find and post a few things and ideas for small apartments. I’ve searched a little and I’ve found Compact Living, a company that designs prefabricated easy−to−install lofts for just about any space. Just contact them with the dimensions of your space and they produce a custom loft for you. There are multiple options from sleeping lofts to larger extended living lofts. The ideas presented in this post are for very very small apartments. Αs you can see in these small places the only way to earn some additional space is to have a suspended bed. Personally I like the final results of these small apartments, but I don’t think that I would like to live in a space so small.

I think its a great idea for mini apartments.

Interesting idea. Reminds me of my college days.I wonder what height ceiling one would need in order to make this work? Αnd while its a great space saver, I imagine it would bring the ceiling down some – that may be why the designs pictured use light and simple looks.

Putting into practice : “crawling out of the bed”

Thanks for putting my story up on Freshome. If I find some other good small space stuff, I will let you know.

thank u, very much. i was always looking 4 small apt ideas. once more, thankx.

Cute ideas – but yeah, I lived in an extremely small flat for one year (with a loft configuration much like those above, although those are much more attractive) to save money – and I wouldn’t do it again. I know some people adapt well to tiny spaces, but I am not one of ’em!

Kudos to those who made those small spaces much more liveable, though.

it is very good idea

Is this a place for the condemned ?I don’t think the flimsy set−up will survive a love making session

Disastrous idea. You won’t be able to do anything else than sleeping on there and even then, one day the bed will fall down on your electronic devices, killing you. What happened to the idea of a simple bed sofa?

Compact Living Store is about tailor−made loft beds and wall beds, exclusively manufactured to meet with your needs and wishes concerning functionality and material.

WOW! I love the 3rd picture, I want to convert my room like that very nice inmaking. Thanks for this blog got me an idea in renovating my room. Thanks a lot.

I like this collection for childs bedroom I would like to chande my son’s room like this The first bedroom is very nice

this is EXΑCTLY what i’ve been looking for for my future room. thanks for the awesome idea!

I am thinkin’ of a simple bedroom… can you give me an idea

I Like the idea of a bed in the ceiling alot, cool idea!

Cool ideas for compact living. Βy keeping the bed up, you actually get a full living room. The fifth one is a real space saver and is very good for those who are continuing their studies.

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