How You Should Handle Longer Nights

How You Should Handle Longer Nights

It's a harsh transition from long days to long nights: it always seems like one day it's summer and the next it's dark at 5 p.m. Phew, that change can be rough. How can you deal with the shift without feeling like early sunsets are bringing you down? Simple: never underestimate how great it’s to feel cozy. From baking a comforting rhubarb crisp and sewing soft pillows, to sipping housemade pumpkin spice lattes and perfecting your skincare routine, we have everything you need to come to grips with shorter days.

The first step to enjoying longer nights obviously involves a housemade rhubarb crisp, because how can you be sad that it's dark out when you've got a warm dessert to eat? Have an early dinner and spend the shadowy 6 o'clock hour baking this easy and delicious treat.

Longer nights can also mean shorter mornings. If you have a hard time getting up before the sun but you hate skipping breakfast, overnight oatmeal is the perfect solution. You can make so many variations of overnight oats that you won't get tired of it, and it's easy to make right before bed. In the morning, just grab the container and go.

Now, say you can't avoid the pre−dawn hours in the fall and winter if you want to make it to work or school on time. What could you possibly do to sweeten that arrangement? You could make a pumpkin spice latte that rivals the work of the best baristas all without waiting in line. That should give you something to be excited about in the morning.

While you're already up early making your pumpkin spice latte, you could go a step further and bake pumpkin cinnamon rolls to go with it. It'll be a celebration of the season's most popular flavor, all before the sun really shines.

The start of fall means the beginning of drier, harsher weather, and that can be hard on your skin. Get ahead of the curve by making this DIY fall−inspired body scrub after an earlier sunset. It will leave your skin feeling as soft as it did in the summer.

Once you learn how to pickle a vegetable, you can pretty much pickle any of 'em. Αnd pickling veggies can become quite the hobby when you realize how many recipes they go with. Learn how to make pickled jalapeos for a good snack, delicious sandwich−topper and potential hobby−starter.

One of the benefits of longer nights is more time to play around with the perfect lighting. One way to get just the right glow is to create a lightbox. Whether you use your theater−style lightbox as a night light or a simple lamp for long evenings indoors, you'll be able to adjust the feeling of the room to your liking.

The start of every season is the perfect time to purge your house of excess, especially when you're spending so much time inside. Learn how to turn old sweaters into cozy pillows, and you can make a cute decor item out of your early−evening cleaning project.

If you don't already have a go−to reading seat, fall is the time to get one. Αnd instead of purchasing a new furniture item, you could spend some time repurposing a weathered wicker chair by giving it a fresh paint of coat and some fashionable cushions. Hello, cozy reading chair.

If your current skincare habit’sn't working as well as you'd like, now is the time to experiment with the 10−step Korean skincare routine to see if it brings you its famed results. In fact, lean back in your new wicker seat and snuggle up to a sweater pillow as you let the sheet mask work its magic. Yep, that's how you turn fall into the best season ever.

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