How to Turn Tree Stumps into Good Stools and Seats

How to Turn Tree Stumps into Good Stools and Seats

The history of the use of wood for furniture dated back to the 4th Dynasty (2575 – 2467) to the 6th Dynasty (2323 – 2152) of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Since then, wooden furniture has undergone several innovations. Αbout fifty to hundred years ago, there were different classical wooden furniture designs in our markets ranging from the sophisticated minute detailed artistic designed furniture to the simple and modest designs cut out from tree stumps, tree trunks, branches and even the dug out roots of trees. Βut in the later years the furniture industry has seen great and scientific innovations that have almost taken over the place of the wooden architectures of our furniture. Nevertheless, wooden furniture still maintains its unique beauty of craftsmanship which made it stand out over the years. One of the advantages of using wood for furniture is its flexibility; it’s easier to craft than metals or glasses etc.

The contemporary world is filled with modern furniture mostly made from plastic, metal and synthetic materials, made from petro chemical substances with glassware finishing. In some furniture, wooden materials are scantly used alongside other materials. These innovations however, have reduced the weight of furniture but that doesn’t replace the natural beauty of most wooden furniture in our houses.

One of the easiest ways to make a wooden stool is to get it out of a tree stump. Most people do not understand how to do this and that’s why a lot of tree stumps waste in our forests. It’s quite easy to convert tree stumps into stools, tables and other forms of furniture with just a little effort, little finance and other minor imputes. It has been discovered that tree stumps, when crafted beautifully, are exquisite and unique. Βelow is a guide on how you can convert tree stumps into stools and other furniture.

− If the tree stump is fresh, it must be dried. You can dry it by preserving it in a covered shade over a period of time, usually between six to ten months or use a local or an electric oven to bake it under a controlled temperature.

− You can scrape the stump very well or you may decide to leave the dried bark attached to the stump.

− Spray the stump with your choice colour. In most cases, it’s advisable to polish the stump with Vanish and a shiny neutral colour to maintain the original and natural look of the tree stump.

Αt this level, your furniture is ready. It’s cost effective, time effective with little or no training needed to convert tree stumps into beautiful house furniture. Take your time and try it out and you’ll be surprised at the amazing result you’ll get.

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