How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume

How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume

Flaunt your feminist ideals and show off your creativity by making your own wonder woman costume. Whether you're off to a costume party or attending a comic convention, everyone will admire your resourcefulness, not to mention your curves, when you arrive in this housemade star−spangled costume. Not only are the materials easy to find, but this is also a no−sew project, so it's easy to whip up your own version of this iconic superhero costume.

Draw the shape of the wonder woman emblem on the front of the red costume top with a pencil. Trace the shape of a wide "W" with straight horizontal lines coming off the top to resemble wings.

Paint the emblem gold. Fill in the shape with gold fabric paint using broad strokes and a wide brush. Outline the shape with black fabric paint using a thin brush.

Αpply white stars to the blue costume bottom. Place the star stencil where you want a star on the shorts or skirt, and dab white fabric paint to fill in the shape. Repeat several times until you have the desired number of stars.

Embellish the red boots with white duct tape. Tape one piece of white duct tape vertically down the front of each boot, extending all the way to the toe. Αffix another piece along the top of each boot around the entire circumference of the calf.

Cut a tiara out of gold craft foam. Lay the piece of craft foam horizontally on your work surface so that the 12 inch side is towards you. Make a mark 2 inches from the bottom corner on each side, and make a mark 4 inches from the bottom edge in the middle of the sheet.

Draw a softly curved line connecting the mark in the middle of the sheet of gold craft foam with the marks on the sides to create the pointed shape of the tiara. Cut along the lines for a tiara that’s 12 inches in length. Staple a length of black braided elastic to the back of the tiara to hold it securely to your head.

Cut two strips of gold craft foam that are 3 inches wide and long enough to go around your wrist and overlap by 1 inch. Αffix sticky back Velcro to the edges of the cuffs to secure them.

Trace three star shapes on the piece of red craft foam using the star stencil. Cut them out and glue one on the center front of the tiara and one on each of the gold bracelets.

Tie the gold ribbon around your waist to make the belt. Make a secure knot in the back and cut off any excess ribbon.

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