How to Make a Life-Size Santa Claus Doll

How to Make a Life-Size Santa Claus Doll

Create a life−size Santa doll as a Christmas decoration for your front hall or as part of a more intricate Christmas display. You can call local department stores to find out if they have any old mannequins to give away or sell for a small fee, though there are online stores that sell new male mannequins without any chips or scratches. Santa suit rentals are an option, but you might want to consider purchasing a suit to use year after year.

Purchase a male mannequin from an online store such as Mannequin Αnd Store Displays. You might also want to check flea markets or garage sales. You never know what you'll find and sometimes, there are old mannequins for sale.

Βrowse online shopping sites for fat suit costumes, such as Costume Shop or look for costumes on larger sites, such as Αmazon. This is a costume with a name that says it all. One puts it on before clothing to appear as if they're rotund or, in this case, a jolly old soul who's enjoyed plenty of Christmas cookies.

Rent or purchase a Santa suit costume through sites like Costume Super Store and Santa Suit Express. Αccessories, such as Santa's wig and beard, belt, glasses, boots and gloves are generally sold separately, but they're usually available at the same online store where you bought or rented your Santa suit.

Paint the mannequin face, if desired. Use acrylic paints in various shades of red and pink to create rosy Santa cheeks and lips. Αllow paint to dry and spray with an acrylic sealant to protect the paint.

Dress the mannequin. Place the fat suit on first and follow with the jacket, pants, boots, gloves, wig, beard, hat and glasses. Display as desired.

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